QIC: Escobar

Date: 12/04/2019

PAX: SwipeRight, WuzntMe, Plunger, John Doe, Clothespin, Bernie, Mayhem, Jazzy Jag, Peanuts, Toe Tag, Angel Hair, Vaccine, FNG-Coldplay, FNG-Hostess

AO: Hacksaw


Cold, 31 degrees, “Perfect Fat Boy Weather”- Toe Tag

“I’ve been fat my whole life and never enjoyed the cold” – Escobar


Moseyed to blocks, grabbed one and set in field. Moseyed around flag twice.

SSH x 20, LBAC x 10, LBAC Reverse x 10

Stand on block, Alt step down with arm reach above head at top of block x 20

One foot on block, other foot ground taps in half squat postion. 20 each leg

One foot on block, other foot on ground, close foot squat bounce to wide squat bounce to close foot squat (three squats count as 1 rep) 10 reps each foot on block

The Thang

BLOCK 1 (pun intended):

Manmaker with 10 yard side shuffle x 10

(block foot taps till the 6 is in throughout entire workout)

Block Swings x 30

Big Ben, Ben Big, recover for 10 count, Ben Big, Big Ben (all performed IC)

Block Lateral Jumps Overs x 30 total jumps

1 Hand on block alternating Merkins x 20 total

Shaun T’s x 8

BLOCK 2 (pun not intended):

Block curls x 21, Block Goblet Squats x 21, Dips x 21, Squat Thrusters x 11, Run lap around flag. Repeat till time is called (about 12 minutes total for this block)

Mary: 45 seconds each: Side dips on elbow (22 sec each side), Gas Pumps, Hammer, Box Cutter (12 IC)


“Giving”– What/How do you give. Time? Money? What we give to reveals our hearts’ priorities. Though it is always better to give, you will in turn receive from your giving. Mayhem noted to buy a brick to help Howard High School’s Baseball program to build a backstop, and Angel Hair noted the organization Toys for Tots.


In Block 2, Mayhem noted the PAX had become quiet and not a lot of mumble chatter going on. I take that as a compliment, as it is almost always my goal.

FNG- Coldplay was originally named Snowden, then as WuzntMe realized his birth name was Chris Martin, WuzntMe make the executive decision to rename. Coldplay didn’t understand the reference and why the audible took place, but WuzntMe reassured him, “Don’t worry, I will fix you“.


I usually blackout at this point, but I vaguely remember something about testing a new AO in North Georgia on Saturdays starting in January. No F3 on Christmas Day. F3 Convergence on New Year Day at the Lion’s Den. And I’m sure there were other important announcements that I’m forgetting.

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