Very Superstitious

QIC: Mayhem

Date:12/13/2019 Friday…the 13th Oooooh!!

PAX: Wuzntme, Sidekick, Escobar, Toetag, Bernie, Peanuts, Clothespin 

AO: Hacksaw


40ish and damp with a light drizzle falling. Text book gloom!


Mosey to the big flag and circle up for 13 counts in cadence of the following:

IW, SSH, WMH, Carousel R, FF, Carousel L, LBAC, LBAC-R, MNC, WGS-R, WGS-L, 13s (SSH x 3IC + 10 silent); 13 Penalty Burpees for 13s fail (Escobar is Hacksaw’s Deep Dish)

The Thang

Seven Cones set up around the flag track spaced equidistant with exercises listed at each. Count off by 7…but we only had 8 so everyone went to a station and I doubled up with Clothespin at station 1.
7 Years (stations) of Bad Luck…which became 9

Station 1: 6 Overhead Coupon Presses (4ct) x 6 Flutter Kicks (4ct) x 6 Calf Raises (4ct) all OYO, run lap to next station. Same for all Stations
Station 2: 6 Merkins (4ct) x 6 Black Cats (Hands and Knees, alternate straight back/arch back)(4ct) x 6 Smurf Jacks (4ct)
Station 3: 6 Shoulder Taps (4ct) x 6 Freddie Mercurys (4ct) x 6 Lunges (2ct – R+L=1)
Station 4: 6 Dive Bombers x 6 Pickle Pointers (4ct) x 6 Apollo Ohnos (4ct)
Station 5: 6 Werkins (4ct) x 6 LBCs (4ct) x 6 Jump Squats
Station 6: 6 Coupon Curls (4ct) x 6 100s (4ct) x 6 Monkey Humpers (4ct)
Station 7: 6 Diamond Merkins (4ct) x 6 Plank Jacks x 6 Bonnie Blairs (2ct – R+L=1)

Continued to repeat first two stations.

Replaced coupons and gathered PAX for “under ladder” Army crawls

Lined up PAX with all holding downward dog position to create a human tunnel. one at a time, each pax army crawls through tunnel to end and rejoins tunnel. Repeat until all through.

Mosey back to parking lot for 3 min of Mary. Various core exercises lead by Wuzntme, Escobar, Someone else.


Counterama, Namerama

The Chorus of ‘Very Superstitious’ by Stevie Wonder…”When you believe in things that you don’t understand, you suffer…” Important to know why you believe what you believe especially this time of year. Lots of traditions and rituals. What’s “true”? As leaders, right beliefs lead to right behaviors. Don’t lead your life based on what you’ve heard but on what you know. Do the reading!

BALL OF MAN: Thanks for brothers that will come out in the cold wet gloom to help push each other to become better. Petition for God to lead us into Truth and help us to live by it.


Escobar appears to have a scary infatuation with a certain Mexican food …putting in extra work in prep to consume it…and even singing songs to that end. Beware of smoke on the mountain at his next Q!!!


No Christmas beatdowns anywhere, New Years Convergence at LD 0700; OTB Saturday 1/4 in NGa, 3rdF still collecting stuff, Gloomies 1/16 – get your $ to Fissure to HC.

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