WuzntMe gets Audited

QIC: WuzntMe

Date: 12/12/19

PAX: Uncle Fester, Swisher, FNG-Babel, Fissure, MaYhem, Chavez, Training Wheels, Peanuts, El Chapo, Jazzy Jag, Woodchuck, Iron Butt, Evita, Dolly, Swiperight, Swingset, Sidekick



Cold and clear


SSH x 25 IC
Teapots x 10 IC
SSH x20 IC
LBAC x10
Reverse x10
Chinook x10
Double Disco x10
Cellmates x4
SSH x15

The Thang

Mosey over to the hill behind the BX. Herbie/Ladders/Suicide incoming.
We have to climb Mt RidgeCut. BaseCamp lends itself to 10 stations. After each station, we return to Basecamp, then do the exercises for station 1 and station 2, then back to basecamp. Do this until we reach the summit. All exercises are x5 IC, each round, unless otherwise noted.

Control Freak Merkins
1: Flutterkicks (MaYhem called cadence)
2: ShoulderTaps (Uncle Fester)
3: LBCs (Jazzy)
4: Royce Gracies (Fissure, though we only did four cos he kept ending cadence with some rendition of Geaux Tigers. His love for LSU is limitless)
5: Mercuries (Chavez)
6: Dips (Iron Butt)
7: Dying Cockroach (Sidekick)
8: Mtn Climbers (YHC
9: Hundreds (YHC)
10: CF Diamond Merkins (YHC)



This serves as my one year anniversary with F3. Difficult to believe that it’s been that long, as I still think of myself as a “new” guy. Challenged the PAX to push themselves and invest in the group. You get out of it what you put into it, and I’ve seen my marriage, my role as a father, my professional life, and my finances all improve – and I believe it to be directly attributable to F3.


This was the first time Fissure posted for one of my workouts. Which is strange, since he let me Q at his AO, and even let me be an AOQ. He’s either very trusting, or downright irresponsible. I’m going with the latter.

He also sounded the gloomhorn in the middle of dips, directly next to me. It was a welcome reprieve from his morning breath.


New Year’s Convergence @ Lion’s Den
Gloomies, night of the LSU-Ohio State game

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