Catch Me If You Can


Date: 12/20/2019

PAX: Red Tees, WuzntMe, Clothespin, Vaccine, ToeTag, Bernie, Peanuts, Escobar, Sidekick

AO: Hacksaw


Frosty. Temperature in the mid 20’s


Mosey from lot to flag, take a lap, and circle up

SSH x20 IC

Willy Mays Hayes x10 IC

Forward Fold x10 IC

SSH x30 IC

3rd grade exercises x10 IC

High knees (until recover)

Little baby arm circles x20 IC

Reverse direction x20 IC

Seal Claps x10 IC

The Thang

Mosey to dominos lot (lower body)

20 squats OYO

20 forward lunges OYO

20 reverse lunges OYO

20 mountain climbers OYO

Mosey to base of circle (upper body)

Overhead Press x20 IC

3 minute Burpee AMRAP

10 merkins OYO

Mosey lap and gather around flag (core)

Heel Touches x30 IC

Flutter Kicks x20 IC

Captain Thor x10 IC

Scissor Kicks x20 IC

20 wide merkins OYO

30 Bonnie Blair’s OYO

Catch Me If You Can

Two partners. Partner 1 performs an exercise while Partner 2 runs Bernie. Once partner 1 completes his reps he sprints to partner 2 and they switch

Exercises in the rotation for this were: 5 burpees for 3 switches, 15 merkins for 3 switches, 10 big boy sit ups for one switch

PAX ran one more lap together, then moseyed back to the lot


Never take your health for granted. I shared with the PAX that my wife is struggling with health issues, and has been for quite some time. We have been through a ton of doctors appointments, including a trip to the Mayo Clinic. We are frustrated because we do not have an answer to her chronic fatigue, sore body, and consistently high heart rate. As I made a prayer request for this matter, I expressed how motivating it is to see our groups of F3 men showing up to get better all over town, every morning. We are using our healthy bodies for a solid purpose… to help each other get stronger physically via the Fitness, and mentally via the Fellowship and Faith. Keep taking advantage of being healthy, and push yourself (and each other) to be strong as we can be. We never know when we’ll need to fight…. whether the battle be mental or physical. Keep up the good work!


A large amount of clothes have been donated by our men, to help others in the community.

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