Better with Friends

QIC: Mayhem

Date:  12/28/2019 

PAX: 9Volt (R), Topless (R), Bubbles (R), Mrs Baker (R), Mustang, Clothespin (AOQ), FNG – Biscuit Ring, El Chapo, Shotput

AO: The Battery


50ish, damp and cool…but no rain! Could this really be The Battery??


SSH x 20IC; WMH x 10IC; SSH x 10IC; WGS x 10IC R&L; SSH x 10IC; FF x 10IC; SSH x 10IC
Mosey up Hell Hill to top and re-circle up
LBAC x 10IC; Seal Claps x 10 IC; LBAC-R x 10IC; Chinooks x 10IC; Shoulder Press x 10IC; Slow Squats x 20IC; Merkin/Side Plank x 10IC; Carousel CW x 10IC; Carousel CCW x 10IC

After 10 Count – Line up entire PAX facing parking lot. Cones set up at 10/20/30/40 yds for Suicides:
Round 1 – Jail Break Up/Bernie Back
Round 2 – Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear – 10yd; Drunken Sailor/Skip – 20yd; Basketball Shuffle out/back – 30yd; Jail Break out/back – 40yd

Collect Cones and Mosey back down to track by flags. Gather PAX for Indian Run around Dog Park.

The Thang

Weighted Dora
Round 1
10 Stations with Station 1 as the Dora, rest are AMRAP until Dora returns. 1 goes to Station 8 and rest move up until all Pax hit every station.
Station 1 – 80lb Sandbag Carry to last light pole and back (approx 200yds)
Station 2 – Don Quixote (Windmills)
Station 3 – Shoulder Taps
Station 4 – Lunges
Station 5 – 25lb Dumbbell Rows (Alt 10rep/arm)
Station 6 – Squats
Station 7 – 10lb Medicine Ball Slams (Alternate R&L)
Station 8 – Imperial Walkers
Station 9 – LBCs
Station 10 Merkins

Round 2
Divide Pax counting off by 2
1s (5 Pax) – Carry 100lb Log together to last light pole and back (~200yds)
2s each hold baseball straight out in front until 1s return with log.

Switch and repeat

1 Min of Mary – 100s x 20IC – Time


This Q was similar to one I had done earlier at the Battery that highlighted “laying aside weight” i.e. sin. However, there are some weights we cannot lay aside. As men we can face many burdens…financial, work, family, etc.
It’s harder carrying weight all alone. Even heavier weight carried with friends is easier. That time of year after holidays in the cold of winter where men can go into a hole under “weight”. Stay connected and don’t hesitate to reach out to a brother who may be able to help carry some weight for you. Reference Scripture Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for El Chapo’s bro Christopher going through chemo for Pancreatic Cancer, My M’s colleague who just lost her 48yo husband leaving her with 4 kids ages 10-20, also friends son battling Leukemia awaiting bone marrow transplant.


Mrs Baker could not seem to stay on the “Carousel” and Milk Bone may want to consider a new F3 flavor as the dog in the dog park seemed like they really wanted to eat us as we carried the sandbag by them.


Convergence 1/1 at Lion’s Den, OTB 1/4 at Brainerd NGa, Gloomies 1/13 – $ to Fissure to HC.

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