Singing In The Rain (Or just heavy breathing)?

QIC:  The Count

Date: 01/04/2020

PAX:  9Volt, DeepDish, Biscuit Ring, Bubbles, ClothesPin, El Chapo, FastLane, Mrs. Baker, Pebbles, PorkBelly, Sandwich, ShotPut   

AO: The Battery


Light rain, On and Off, about 52 degrees.


Warm Up: Mosey Up Hill to upper P/L near pool. SSH, 21’s (failed – 5 Burpees), Willy Mayes Hayes, LB Arm Circles (foward and backward), Moroccan Night Club, OverHead Seal Claps/Front, Forward Fold.

The Thang

Charles Bronson “JR”

Three Sets of Cones: Starting Point – 40 Yards + 10 Yards.

Starting Point Exercises: 1) SSH – 2) Merkins – 3) Burpees – 4) LBC’s – 5) Squats – 6) Imperial Walkers – 7) Mountain Climbers – 8) Plank Jacks – 9) Lunges

At Starting Point all PAX perform 25 Reps of 1st Exercise (SSH), AYG 40 Yards to second cone, drop to Bear Crawl the last 10 Yards to third cone, and mosey back to starting point. Hold Al Gore until 6 is in. Rinse and Repeat for remaining 8 exercises. That completes first 9 Rounds.

Rinse and Repeat but starting at Lunges and working back to SSH to complete 9 more rounds.

Round of Mary I/C 10 Reps x 13 rounds (1 round per PAX calling exercise and cadence).


Continuing with General Colin Powell’s Leadership Primer: “You don’t know what you can get away with until you try.”

BALL OF MAN: Lifted up in Prayers for the needs of those in the group and those who we knew were asking for prayers.


Not a lot of Mumble Chatter….Too much heavy breathing!! 🙂


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