Fly-By VQ Landfill, 12/28

QIC:  Fly-By

Date: 12/28/2019

PAX: Fissure, Hop-a-Long, Skitch, Uncle Fester, Money Ball, Carmen San Diego (Cherokee), Hasbro, Peanuts, Bumblebee

AO: Landfill


53 degrees and overcast


One minute deep squat, 20 leg swings, Abe Vigodas, SSH, little baby arm circles, Moroccon night clubs, mountain climbers, American hammers, flutters, Freddie Mercuries, plank, 20 shoulder touches

The Thang

Ren. Park: Exercises around a soccer field – first round: 15 merkins on each corner, run to each corner on the long ends, do carryovers on the first short end, and broad jump burpees on the second short end. Second round: same thing except 10 merkins on the corners and add two steps between the burpees on the broad jump burpees.

Tunnel of Love: Plank line with army crawl underneath.

Fun with Rocks: flutters while doing rock presses in cadence; then first two-man team workout: complete 100 thrusters with the rock – one partner planks while the other does thrusters – switch as desired; second two-man team workout: complete 100 LBCs – one partner hold rock overhead while the other does LBCs – switch as desired

Sermon on the Mount: Up the large hill three times: first run, second Bernie Sanders, third bear crawl. Start each time with 10 merkins at the bottom. Recover at the top each time with a reading from the Sermon on the Mount.


We talked about the reference in the Sermon on the Mount to taking the “narrow gate.” Life can be much more enriching and beautiful by taking the narrow gate through taking on challenges and confronting fears. Everyone at the workout is taking the narrow gate by challenging himself at the F3 workout. It is life-enriching!


We fought off the wolves over and over again. We reached and went past the 40% threshold over and over again.


Remember the January 13 party that Money Ball described.

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