Mall walkers (part 1)…..

QIC: Best In Show

Date: 12/30/2019

PAX: Swipe Right, Vaccine, Iron Butt, Toe Tag, Escobar, Sidekick, Fastlane, Swingset, Moneyball, Mayhem, Red Tees, Dolly, Jabooti, Peanuts 

AO: Beast Ridge


50 degrees, 47 mph wind from the south…


YHC 55th birthday blast, so we kicked it off with 55 SSH. My heart warmed as all pax joined me in the count..

Then we moseyed around to the pavilion and continued with

Imperial Walkers


High knees




Forward fold/up dog/pike



The Thang

Wheel of (mis) fortune… (TM Sidekick)

My creative juices were flowing while in vacation and I came up with the beta version of the WOMF. Basically a wheel divided into different exercises and counts. Spin the wheel and perform the exercise it lands on, so genius in its simplicity.


Jump squats

Man Climbers

Plank jacks

Inch Worms

St Bernard squats (a crowd favorite)


Freddy Mercury

After one round, took a mosey to the 2nd, 2nd light pole and back for another round, but this time the exercises were performed for 30 seconds! The flexibility of the wheel is its real power.

A short mosey back and we finished off with 55 LBC’s. See what I did there.



This was my 3rd birthday celebration with F3. The impact on my life from this group has been great. Seeing the growth of this in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas gives me pride and makes me want to share it with others. Gonna do a better job of EH’ing in 2020!
ALWAYS let Iron Butt lead your prayers, what a  gift he has! 

This is the fastest I have ever posted a BB. Don’t get used to it  


Convergence 1/1/20 at Lions Den. 7 am start.

1/4 /20 will be a super secret Black Ops AO at Brainerd Baptist North Georgia location. So pumped for this!

Sidekick has a hernia in his knee. We think Whittler can fix it….

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