Mall Walkers: Part Deux

QIC:  Best In Show

Date: 12/31/2019

PAX: Pebbles, Iron Butt, V squared, (The pax formerly know as Sunshine) Sunburn,Peanuts 

AO: Boneyard


37, brisk, but not to brisk for Pebbles to shed down to shorts and a tee!


Ltitle mosey followed by

SSH (alternated with the following)

High Knees

Smashing Pumpkins

Figure 4 stretch 

St Bernard squats 

Butt Kickers


The Thang

I randomly lead the group to various places around the Boneyard (a mall walker’s delight) and stopped to perform various exercises 
1st Stop

pax lined up and held plank alternating with Al Gores as a solo pax ran to the 3rd 2nd light pole and back. Each pax ran while all others maintained the plank/Al Gore

2nd Stop

Found a nice stretch of wall for some fun performing each for 10 counts;

Donkey Kicks (which may become known as Fissure Kicks?) 

Wall Sits with kicks (with a nice Russian themed dance line)

Donkey kicks 

Frankenstein Wall Sits- hold for 30 seconds  

3rd stop 




MOROCAN NIGHT CLUB (which I totally forgot how to do, so basically flailed my arms around for 30 seconds)

4th stop

After a very athletic tuck and roll by Iron Butt, we found our way to the cross planter and settled in for;

Dips x10

Incline Merkins x10

Dips x10

Incline Merkins x10

scotted over time the picnic tables And performed 2 30 second rounds of step ups  

5th stop

had just a couple of minutes so V2 and I managed to get in a couple of sprints while the pax held plank



I like to create a post where mumble chatter is easier, and today was exceptional. Peanuts was on target with his zingers at my expense. The pax were engaged, it made for a great morning.

it was all in fun, and if it can’t be fun, I don’t want to do it  



1/1 convergence at Landfill 7 am start

1/4 Soft Launch of AO at Brained Baptist N GA, gonna be awesome 

1/13 Gloomiest where you can see LSU shred Clemson!

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