The Wages of Sin Are Burpees

(it’s just merkins after taxes)

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 12/31/2019

PAX: El Chapo, Mrs. Baker, Clothes Pin, Topless, Wuzntme, Mayhem, Toe Tag, Escobar

AO: The Battery


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Mosey around the dog park and finish in the Skate park on side labeled “Fun”
PAX lines up on one end of the skate park & performs the “Fun” exercise. Then PAX immediately runs to opposite side of park and performs the “Games” exercise. Repeat

BAC Fwd15SSH10
BAC Rev15SSH10
Seal Clap15SSH10
Fwd Fold10SSH10
Military Press15SSH10

The Thang

Without any rest PAX moves on to second list of exercises

Plank Jack20Squat20
Peter Parker15Imp Walker15
Burpee10Bonnie Blair10
Merkin10High Knees10
Mt. Climber10Calf Raise30
Bear CrawlLunge
Carolina Dry Dock10Sit Ups15
100’s10Box Cutter10
American Hammer10Dive Bomber10
Freddie Merc10Flutter Kick10

Repeat until end of time (After 1st round each PAX picks a number at random and PAX performs the exercise)


Words of wisdom – “The secret to flying is to throw yourself at the Earth and miss”


Mayhem failed to properly miss the Earth


1/01/20 Convergence at Lion’s Den

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