The Mountain Between Us

QIC:  Sunburn

Date: 01/02/2020

PAX: Burrito, Blindside, Bumblebee, Friar Tuck, Holy Kiss, Money Ball, Laces Out, Pomade, Prosciutto, The Count, FNG-Thighmaster, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


A bit chilly but we survived.


Wrong Way Lap on track. SSH’s, WMH’s, TGE, LBAC, forward, reverse, Overhead Press, Morocan Night Clubs, Seal Claps

The Thang

Is this what you call a stadium?

Box Jump to top (All 5 levels) 10 Merkins @ Top / LBC’s at Bottom – Repeat 5 Times

Another wrong way lap and we’re behind the bleachers:

Suicides with Air Squats x 10, Suicides with walking lunges x 3, Suicides and return for 10 burpees.

To the goal line we go for 20 yard walking lunges, broad jumps with Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks and smurf jacks in between. Bear crawl to about the end and we are done.


Since it’s the begining of the year we’ve been talking goals and commitments. Today we talked about each day we have the opportunity for a new begining. We cannot rewrite the past, we cannot go back and change a situation that’s happened in the past that we’ve regret. What we can do is go from this point forward to make the right choices, do the right things and continue to move forward in our pursuit of bettering ourselves. We can learn from our mistakes and bad decisions in the past but don’t dwell there. Most importantly, one of the things that hold us back from moving forward and growing is that we have not forgiven ourselves for those shortcomings of the past. In order to grow and move forward we need to know we have been forgiven by Our Father and now we need to forgive ourselves.


I’m a little disappointed I was not presented with a smoking jacket with the Smackdown Logo, however I am thrilled that they would allow someone that lives on the other mountain to come over and Q for them. I haven’t lived in this town long but I do know the labels given to these two communities. new money vs old money but truth be told, when working out in the gloom everyone is just trying to make it to the COT. Money is overrated anyway so stay away from debt, it’s not your friend.

Little known fact. My goal was to keep Burrito as quite as possible. No-one caught on that every time Burrito started to talk his non-sense I called out 5 burpees. Wouldn’t you know it during the COT Burrito got one of his stupid awkward jokes in which certainly was cringe worthy.

*Full disclaimer: Excersises described in The Thang may or may not have happened. At my advanced age I could have written the back blast right after the workout and still not gotten it right. So, most of it happened at some point during the beatdown and some of it I just made up because it sounded good.


Gloomies – Burrito to MC and what a job he did!

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