It was cold, cold, cold, cold…….

QIC:  Toe Tag

Date: 1/20/2020

PAX: Chavez, Fauker, Swisher, Zipper, Fastlane, Swipe Right, Peanuts, Jazzy Jag,  Iron Butt, MayHem, Lanyard, Swingset and Evita

AO: Beast Ridge


It was a perfect 24 degree morning with lots of comrades joining in the gloom.


SSH, 3rd grade exercise, Forward Fold, SSH, Little Baby arm circles, forward and backward, Seal claps, Moroccan night club, and some more SSH’s. Mosey around to the parking lot by the pavilion.

The Thang

Objective to keep moving and stay warm
We had 4 stations set up in the parking lot and we divided into 4 groups. Each station had 4 different exercises which consisted of anything from Merkins, to Plank Jacks, to BB sit ups, to Burpees. We did one of the exercises for 1 minutes, ran one lap around all the cones and moved on to the next station.

Rinse and repeat from station to station while running a lap in between each minute of exercises. By the time it was all said and done we had completed 11 different exercises and 10 laps before the mosey back to the parking lot.



Every year I try and choose a word that defines my year for me. This year the word that I have been given is the word “discipline.” On this cold weather it took the discipline of the people around me and the fact that I knew they were counting on me for me to show up.

I am a work in progress and some days I have the discipline I need and other days I don’t but I am thankful for this group of men holding me accountable and lifting me up when that discipline is not there.


No transvestites were present…… at least not that we could tell, with all those layer of clothes we had on.


Discussed the 3rd F and the ability to put our faith into action by helping to volunteer to deliver clothes and supplies to the needy. This partnership is to come alongside the folks of Chubby’s BBQ on Tuesday nights if interested.

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