Around the World in 45 Minutes

QIC:  El Chapo

Date: 1/21/2020

PAX: Clothespin, Mrs. Baker, Deep Dish, Pokey , Topless

AO: The Battery


Chilly 22 degress with a wind chill. There was the aroma of Twix in the air.


After a short mosey to The Shawnee Ba Ba Global Airport we prepared for a long flight by doing the following warm-up exercises: Side Straddle Hop x 10, Forward fold x10, Willy Mays Haze x10, Side Straddle Hop x 10, doing the
LBC’s x 15, Reverse, Cherry pickers x 10, Chinook x10 , Third Grade Exercise x 10, Side Straddle Hop x10

The Thang

Around the World in 45 Minutes
First stop Canada: While in Canada the travelers used a manual chair lift by lunging to the top of hell hill. Once on top of the hill the travelers performed 5 Chinooks. We did this three times.
2nd stop Europe : Germany & France . Fitness often looks different around the world. In some countries, people prefer to get their fitness outside rater than the gym. Parkour is huge in France. Parkour uses builings. parks and streets like a gym. We used the skate park obstacles for the French portion of our workout. Box jumps X20, Step ups X20 Burpees X10 , Incline push ups x 15. (we did this 2 times) with a quick mosey around Europe) .
Germany -In Germany (Cologne in particular) offer out-of-the- box workouts as well as skateparks and indoor/outdoor climbing walls. We used the skate park for Decline push ups X20, Burpees x 15, Big Boy Sit up’s X20 , more step up’s X15 . & 10 Side Straddle Hop X10 . We did 2 laps around the skatepark(Our Europe) and repeated the exercises one more time.
3rd &final stop China – we departed Europe by way of a mosey to the pavilion (.Chinese pagoda) While in China we used an 11 minute Tai Chi video to learn 5 different tai chi moves.


Love your neighbors. Learn something new about your neighbors everyday.. This is a big world and people around the world love to work out. It is interesting to see the unique approaches to exercise, and it can alson be an inspiration to switch your workouts up and learn new things about the world at the same time.
BALL OF MAN: Prayers for Topless( family issues) , Clothspins son Trygg has undergone for scans that went well but revealed a couple of new health issuses that will need to be addressed . Prayers for El Chapo’s brother Christopher who is continuing to struggle with chemotherapy treatments.


Tai Chi exercises would be best to do in the spring


3rd F … Helpin Chatts Homeless tonight Q – John Doe
Relay for Life meeting 1/28 at the Hampton in Cleveland 5:30-6:30pm

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