Simple Spicy Spartan

QIC: Couch Potato

Date: 01/27/2020

PAX:  U-turn, DuckTales, Burrito, GeekSquad, Gruber, Radiohead, Milkman, FriarTuck, 

AO: Huey


Perfect weather for the end of January, 43 degrees, no wind and dry


400 meters on the track at warm up pace, Bear Crawl, Gorilla then stretching consisting of chicken wing, cross body arm pull, forward fold, surfer, pyramid

The Thang

  1. 4 rounds for time of the following
    1. 400 meter sprint +30 Burpees
    1. In and Outs -25
    2. Seated Bicycle – 25 each way
    3. Fifer scissors – (slow flutterkicks) -25
    4. Leg climb -25 each side

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