Perceive, Advise, Monitor, & Adjust

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 03/16/2020

PAX: Burrito, Cable Cutter, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Milkman, PediaSure, Red Tees, Spackler, U-Turn

AO: The Huey


Upper 40’s. Damp. A bit chilly. Disclaimer was given. Respect each man’s personal space. Choose not to share coupons without judgement. NO exercises involving close contact with Pax will occur. PLEASE just use good discretion.


The Thang

YHC was reminded once again; that, his communication skills when Qing and explaining the routine still needs sharpening. Hey, John Doe, how bout that Burpee Apocalypse? It really does all make sense in my head.

This was my take on the Moneyball special of “The 1,000.”

Complete the exercise while climbing the the suicide ladder. For the Lion’s Den, MB has the Pax complete their reps before they get to the top. Today’s Pax completed suicides to a determined point and had to finish their reps before they got there.

Merkins — 100
Alternating Shoulder Taps — 100
Dolly’s — 100
Curls — 100
Shoulder Press — 100
Dips — 100
SSH — 100
Curls — 100
Bent Over Rows — 200


The workout description of this BB was easy, but I have been struggling as to how exactly to put the COT word into, well, words. So, if you read this, then please just show me some Grace. Also, if you read this, then I want to encourage you to attend the Lion’s Den on 03/27/2020 if you’re able.

Throughout the last couple of weeks, I have received some advice from multiple sources including but not limited to F3 Pax. Some of this was solicited and some was unsolicited.

Should we provide advice to someone, solicited or unsolicited, we must account for the response from the person to whom we provide advise. Why? Providing advice indicates care and love for the one receiving advice.
If we genuinely care for someone, then we must prepare ourselves, certainly myself included, for the reaction to said advice. BECAUSE the reaction, unfortunately, may not be as we hope for requiring grace from adviser.
Please apply this to YOUR life in the best way in which you know how. For me, it is opening my mind to advice I receive and understanding that people truly have good intentions while also tempering my reaction. For some, it may be the opposite.

Fissure said it well to me recently; “let’s all just remember this is a volunteer organization with guys that have jobs, families, and responsibilities but united with a single positive goal: improving the world around us.”


John Doe. Please just send me the BB’s from Burpee Apocalypse…I don’t have to explain it


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