I love the smell of napalm in the morning

F3 5-30QIC: 9 Volt

Date: 5/30/20

PAX: Mrs Baker,  Deep Dish, Clothespin, El Chapo, Cold Play, Thin Mint, Pork Bell, Sandwich, Toe Jelly

AO: The Battery

It smells like victory


Mosey around the dog park
SSH ICx20, 
Squats ICx20,
Baby arm circle
SSH ICx10,
Forward fold ICx10,
High Knees ICx10
Willy Maze Haze ICx10

The Thang

The Telephone Game

  • 9 numbered Light poles form a loop
  • Each PAX takes a pole
  • Person at pole 1 performs exercise written on sidewalk then moves to next pole
  • At next pole, person 1 tells person 2 what the exercise is and performs it with them 
  • Person 1 runs around the entire loop and stops at pole 2.
  • Person 2 moves to pole 3 and tells person 3 what the exercise is and performs it with them before running around the loop 
  • When someone runs the loops and stops at pole 1 they start a new set of exercised written on sidewalk

Pole 1 exercises     
1. 15 Smurf Jacks
2. 20 Merkins
3. 20 Crab jacks
4. 30 calf raises
5. 10 Cap’t Thor (In the grass or you’ll get an F3 tramp stamp)
6. 10 Carolina Dry Docks
7. 10 LBC
8. 20 Lunge
9. 25 Wide Merkins
10. 20 SSH
11. 10 Herpees



Words of wisdom – No matter how far off the rails your Q goes it is ok as long as nobody seems to be enjoying it

Thoughts and prayers for Schnitzel’s mom


This workout looked much better on paper after a few beers

Welcome to the Battery Toe Jelly
Welcome back Thin Mint and Sandwich, you have been missed




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