Holy Hill, Its Been 3 Years!

I’m QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 06/06/2020

PAX: Bumblebee, Dundee, Friar Tuck, Hambone, Mr. Met, Pound Dog, Prosciutto, Pumpkin, Snow Patrol

AO: The Reformation


Humid, Southern, June, Saturday.


SSH x30 IC

Shoulder Blaster

5 Burpess OYO

The Thang

Pax partnered up. One ran to top of Holy Hill. Did a burpee. Partner did AMRAP until parter returned. Pax changed exercises in station when song changed. Second song changed, Pax moved to next station.
Pain Station Routine

Bent Over Rows


Upright Rows


Alternating Shoulder Taps

Michael Phelps

Rocky IVs

Shoulder Press

Big Boy Sit-ups


Pax completed Thunderstruck Routine. Pax held block and completed Bent Over Row each time Thunderstruck was said. Halfway through song: Incline Merkin on Block. Completed rep every time “Thunderstruck” was said.


Robert Jean 37 Whittler — the first HIM to pass along the Gold Glove. Finds time to talk despite his schedule.

Derek Beaty 39 Pumpkin — Brother in law. Spent a 2.5 hour car ride talking about how miserable but fun F3 was. Talked over and over about how; no matter your level, no man is EVER left behind. Guys always encourage. He’s NEVER left me behind.

Nick LaPorta 37 Prosciutto — Just a couple a months after I began, standing in the Bojangles parking lot, for Coffeeteria, Pro looked at me and said, “dude you can Q.” He encouraged me. He motivated me to step outside my comfort zone. Forever grateful.

Nick Spinelli 35 — A segment of “This N That”, a GoRuck Tough, 2 Fallen Fives (helped plan both), and countless shared posts.

Drew Rimback 43 Geek Squad — Shield Lock, EHed 12/26, posted on 12//27. Helped my son catch his first fish. Countless pre-rucks/runs. Talks. Prayers.

Austen Caine Ohms — Our history with running, The Griff (RIP), and the Lions Den is extensive you say the least.

Steve Medlin 44 Dundee — Always have a special place in my heart for many reasons. The most of all: seeing him come back AND embrace the Gloom.

Russ Pate 32 Angus — Nantan when I came, BUT most of all…a TRUE friend. Designed the Fallen Five patches.

Mike Holtzhower 36 Ducktales — Shield Lock. Shared his first post together. Countless Rucks together. Countless posts together. Countless talks/check-ins. Told me “like it was” when I needed it most, it just took time for me to realize it

Eric Collins 33 Ringwald — Let my son “drive” a Jeep for the first time after a Cam Run. Motivator. Encourager.

Marco Lagunas Steam Engine — simply put. He’s my assistant wrestling coach. The ONLY F3 HIM to ever do that.

Chase Wright 33 Picasso — surprised me with a Rucker, all accessories, and plate…simply to be a good friend. Shared my first CO-Q. “it was a nice little Saturday”

Countless more men have inspired and motivated me. As I searched my memory bank, these men had incidents in the past 3 years that profoundly affected me.

Naming these men specifically doesn’t take away from the others, but simply reminds us the effect we CAN have on others AND they never know it.

Finally, YHC had an additional lesson for the COT, but Pound Dog changed that for me:

He said, “yeah, I’ve not gotten all the nomenclature down yet, but I do know what HC is, and that’s what’s important, right?”

No better way to say. We must make it mean something, myself included, in all aspects of life!


Doing one burpee seems weird — Prosciutto


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