Burrito smells like El Metate

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 06/24/2020

PAX: Afterbirth, Blindside, Booby Trap, Bumblebee, Burrito, Care Bear, Jackass, FNG-South Face, Gusher, Laces Out, Natty Light, Pediasure, Pound Dog, Recycle, Snow Patrol, The Count, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


In between the two storms,
the gloomy fog -once rested- aspires.

While guttural sounds of Burrito,
ruin the heavenly tones of earth wind & fire(s).


1 Lap
SSH x 20 IC
High Knees (1 min)
Mtn Climber
Plank Jack
Forward Fold
Willie Mays Hayes

The Thang

The Signal Mountain version of Augusta’s River Of Tears
Half lap to the opposite bleachers:
10 Burpees / 10 Step ups (single leg) / 15 Squats / 10 Step ups (other leg) / 20 Merkins / Plank for six

Complete the lap and perform the same 4 exercises again at the other bleachers

Mosey to Field; Line up shoulder-to-shoulder facing the course:

F3′ Agility
One Pax performs the *cone course (see below) while the rest perform the following exercises in order; increment the reps each round by 1 until it is your turn on the agility course:
– 1 Man Maker
– 2 Merkins
– 3 Squats w/ Block
– 4 Flutter Kicks w/ Block Over head

******** CONE COURSE … in the spelling of ‘F3’
Agility Course 1: Jail Break / Karaoke / Jail Break
— Had two more agility movements planned but the 300+ man call-out ruined the fun

Finished it out with one more set of the ROT routine


Read an article on anxiety and general anxiousness yesterday. It spoke to some ways to combat that anxiousness. One of the ways to get outside of your own anxious feelings is to just do/make/perform the thing that you’re struggling with. Do it poorly, even. This helps you to move into action, rather than staying in your anxious state. Doing it poorly lends you to learning from that mistake and doing it better the next time. It’s much easier to do something a second time better once you’ve done it wrong the first time; and the incentive to do better will motivate you, rather than being being fueled by the anxiety (maybe this helped you forget about the anxious feelings altogether? Problem solved. Thanks, article!)

In my daily life, I constantly look for ways to incrementally improve. It’s said that if you improve any one thing by 1% each day, you’ll have improved 37x more in a year’s time.

Imagine if we did that with our marriages, friendships and relationships with our children? Our faith?


  • If you don’t like Earth, Wind and Fire, we will struggle to maintain a friendship
  • By the end of the workout, Burrito smelled like El Metate, old grilled onions, wet sneakers and sex panther rolled into a corn tortilla. Not saying it’s bad though.
  • The Count knows the punch lines to Whittler’s jokes; of course he does.
  • If you invite 300+ men to do something, expect an army. I’m an idiot.
  • F3 is like a cool fight club you can talk about with your friends, and make fun of at the same time, which is unlike the other cults I’ve been a part of
  • Tried to spell F3 for cool strava points. I failed. Will try again soon at Hacksaw where they have large flat expanses as far as the eye can see


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