Dora to the pyramids of parliament

QIC:  Ducktales

Date: 07/03/2020

PAX: El Chapo, Rawdog, woodRider, Cavity search

AO: parliament


100 percent humidity, hot holiday start.


Mosy to front door of school.

5 rounds of sun salutations

A.B. Pyramid

Partner up, accumulate reps.

100 burpees-Partner A 10 burpees while B wall sits
200 Box jumps- A 20 reps, B air squats

300 flutter kicks- A 30 reps l, B hold plank.

200 Air Squats– A 20 air squats, B runs around parking lot island.

100 burpees, same A, B as start.

Mosey back and jailbreak last 100 yards


“I will stand up for the things I believe in, at the same time taking care not to trample on the rights of those who believe differently” -Bette Jean Rapheal

Love smaller posts and this COT was a perfect example why. After I presented quote and insight, every one of the PAX had a insightful addition. This is the manna men need. As Cavity Search added face to face communication is needed more. If a tweet is read by 5 different people it may be received in 5 different ways. The communication breakdown happens when you just see a text and lack the tone and presentation of face to face.


  • Showed up at 04:15 because of my Jocko body alarm went off before alarm, arrived at 04:15.
  • John Doe and I planned on pre 5k at 04:45, I cruised the parking lot for my first return to Ooltewah high since I played soccer there in 2001. I quickly realized that my plan I had made for lions den burpee apocalypse would not work here. No big hill! And bleachers were still on the track from their recent graduation. I shifted gears and looked at an easy backblast to modify for the parliament. Cape fear has lots of easy stuff to modify to the sharper men of chattanooga. Thank you cape ear for the size 90 font, I could read from the next county.
  • Wood rider showed up for pre run, he’s and inspiration with his January Csaup personal goal of 100 running miles a month. He holds the 100 meter record that still stands that he set the last time he was at Ooltawah high.
  • Great to meet El Chapo, spoke with him on the phone and really look up to this guy, true HIM.
  • Coffiteria with these men at Chick-fil-A is always great! Parking lot distanced party!


Convergence tomorrow / launch of battlefield

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