WreckedEm VQ

QIC:  WreckedEm

Date: 07/03/2020

PAX: Mayhem, DNF, Clothespin, D-Fib, Ramrod, Slim Shady, Picabo, Rendezvous, John Doe, Rollback, Furley, Madoff, Purple Rain, Bernie, WuzntMe, Escobar

AO: Hacksaw


Pretty muggy, would describe it as “thick”


Mosey to the flag pole, SSH X 20 in cadence, 3rd grade exercise, Willie Mayes Hayes, Forward fold, LBAC forward and back, Seal claps, Rockin Night club (All in cadence). Then we all snagged a coupon and came back to the circle.

The Thang

DORA around the Poles

PAX partnered up and while one man was running the flag poles the other man did as many as they could of the exercise. After each round we held Al Gore till the 6 was in and then started the next round. Round 1 – Burpees, 2-Lunges, 3-Man Makers with Coupon, 4-Squats, 5- Merkins, 6- Big Boy Sit Ups, 7-Curls, 8- Coupon press (on your 6), 9-Iperial Walkers, 10- Freddie Mercurys)

Finished with a little Mary


Love your neighbor. With all that is going on in the world, one thing we can all do is love one another and treat them as we would want to be treated. It’s the number one thing Jesus taught his followers.

BALL OF MAN: Prayed for wisdom, strength, and health of these great men and their families.


Turned into a little more running than I had envisioned and everyone seemed to be getting a good sweat on. Pretty sure the humidity had something to do with that.


Dadurday in July

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