Vaccine- Anvil 7/6

QIC:  Vaccine

Date: 07/06/2020

PAX: Threeskin, Fissure, Escobar, Neutral, Vaccine

AO: Anvil


Humid and still


Forward Fold x10, Willie Mays Hayes x10, SSH x15, Seal Claps, Shoulder Press, SSH

The Thang

Dora Style (Last group to finish has 10 burpess. Winner has 5)

200 Merkins/200 Squats (20 Rep sets Max), partner runs a lap around track

400 Monkey Humpers/400 Imperial Walkers (20 Rep Sets Max), partner runs a lap around track

15s (15 Merkins, 15 Big Boy Sit Ups, 14 Merkins, 14 Big Boy Sit Ups, etc. down to 1 each)


Being flexible. It can be easy to take offense or be rigid with plans or situations, especially if you took a lot of time planning it. God puts people or things in your life that you struggle with to better you for a reason. Pay attention to those things/weaknesses and lean into them.


Never voluntarily partner yourself with Fissure unless you are also a machine that doesn’t need time to breathe or rest.


F3 Dads @ The Battery and The Landfill 7/25/20 0700

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