Twisted BLIMPS

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 08/14/2020

PAX: White Glove, Sunscreen, Friar Tuck, Lockjaw, Swingset, Lanyard, Ducktales (RUCK), Vila (RUCK)

AO: Ridgecut


72 and excellent


SSH ICX20; Forward Fold ICX12; 3rd Grade Exercises ICX12; Slow Squats ICX15; LBAC-REV-Morrocan Night Club – Ray Lewis ICX12; Mercans ICX15

The Thang

Twisted BLIMPS
BLIMPS – Burpees-Lunges (French Military)-Imperial Squats-Mercans-Plank Jacks-Squats

Traditional BLIMPS exercises but slight alterations on a few of them

Twist comes in with the travel methods

B – 5 Burpees at bottom of Cock Hill; Bear Crawl to flat section; 5 Burpees; Run to top of hill; 5 Burpees; Mosey to edge of Parking Lot

L – 10 French Military Lunges (Hands up reverse lunge); Run to my truck (40 yds) and Back; 10 more FML; Repeat Run; 10 more FML; Mosey to far left corner of lot

I – Imperial Squats – 15 Imperial Squats; run first two legs of a full lot suicide; 15 Imperial squats; run the two long legs of the suicide; 15 Imperial squats; Mosey to far right corner of lot

M-Mercans – 20 Mercans; Repeat run from “I” but in opposite direction; 20 Mercans; Run last two long legs of the suicide; 20 Mercans; Mosey to bottom of LONG hill

P – Plank Jacks – 20 Plank Jacks; Sprint to halfway point of Hill (Flower bed); 20 Plank Jacks; Sprint to top of Hill; 20 Plank Jacks; Mosey to side lot

S – Squats – 15 Squats; Side Squat Shuffle across lot; 15 Squats; Side Squat Shuffle back; 15 Squats

Realized at this point that Germans love blimps and their translation has a B at the end as well, so we repeated the “B” portion on our way back to the flag



Today we talked about Covid and how it can impact our lives. Talked about safety and keeping yourself and your family safe


Tough workout today. The guys did great


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