Happy Birthday, Smackdown. Welcome Recycle!

QIC:  Whittler, Prosciutto, Recycle

Date: 09/10/2020

PAX: Ashley Madison, Burrito, Coypu, Gusher, Hambone, Holy Kiss, Joanna, Laces Out, Old School, Pediasure, Pomade, Pound Dog, Prosciutto, Red Raider, Truck Stop, Whittler

AO: Smackdown


And here’s Gusher for the report…

**Looks at Gusher who is obviously assessing the conditions…


Whittler: Mosey around athletic club from the back just the way Whittler loves it.

SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 15
Arm Circles x 15
Ray Lewis x 15
SSH x 25

Mosey to front of athletic club in full view of the cardio crew through the windows
Monkey Humpers x 15
3rd Graders x 15

Mosey back to track
Box jump suicides x 3 rounds


The Thang

Hand off to Prosciutto
1 minute high knees
1 minute mountain climber
1 minute high plank

Split the group in two by threve’s (3 and 5); two single file lines standing in endzone and looking down the field
Bear Crawl Merkin Indigenous Peoples Format
Pax at the back of line bear crawl sprints to front of line while all other pax hold plank

When bear crawl man reaches front of line, he calls ‘Down’ for the whole line to perform a single (proper) merkin

1 Round of this

Circle Burp & SSH

Everyone starts by SSH’ing. Every pax gets a chance to call ‘Down’. When we reach end of line

1 more round of the Bear Crawl Merkin Indigenous Peoples Format

Hand off to Recycle

Burpee EMOM Dora

PAX pair up in groups of three in pairs.

When EMOM timer starts, one PAX counts reps, second PAX completes as many burpees as he can in one minute. Swap when timer goes off.

200 Big Boi Situps
400 American Hammers single count
400 Flutter Kicks single count



On this day last year, Smackdown was launched and a new standard was set across Chattanooga and all the lands; a beautiful scene overlooking the valleys and rivers.

It was then, as it was today, a superb morning filled with cool mountainous air, fresh dew landscape and a willing group of able-bodied gentlemen to assume the challenge of starting anew as had been done previously (albeit, at lower altitudes).

Questions abound, will the thin air make us weak? Will it help?

Are we men on high? or high on men?

With the expensive homes within earshot, are people up here really interested in “free”?

Can we justify adding a second day right in middle of iron pax?

We had 3 FNGs that day, will they return?

Fast forward one year later, so much has happened. So much growth. So so so much growth. A Saturday added, a pandemic resurgence. Men responded in ways unimaginable.

One man set himself apart from the rest, accepted his next challenge and calling. He stepped up and began to make it his own, without being formally asked. He was the clear choice without having been chosen.
He made himself the only choice. High impact men are expected to act in this way.

I say all that to say this – it is with great pleasure and excitement that Whittler and I step aside and hand-off the Smackdown AOQ to Recycle (Gray Ramsey) and look forward to where it goes from here!


  • Even in his absence, Naked Gun heaves were imitated and honored numerous times; by the one guy that you would expect to imitate them. You’ve made a mark on all of us. Thank you.
  • If your q instructions go further than a sentence or two, Pax begin to grumble and lose focus… Burrito will taunt you mercilessly.
  • The indigenous people bear crawl will make men ornery; worth it every time.


9/14 #Convoy kickoff Monday – 0530 at Signal Mountain High School

9/15 Pound Dog Rest Day™ at #smackdown

9/17 IronPAX Week 3 at #smackdown

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