Papa was a rollin stone…

QIC:  Prosciutto

Date: 09/21/2020

PAX: Blindside, Glee, Friar Tuck, Moneyball, Mr. Met, The Count, Xena

AO: Lions Den


Clammy, Dry and Brighter than the surface of the sun.


Warm up / Stretching, WMH, Forward Fold for what felt like an eternity, Slow tempo merkins, shoulder taps, slow tempo squats

The Thang

Need to celebrate this hill. It’s perfect for a step-count
– 9’s to the 2nd pole (Jungle Boi Squats / Burpees)
1 – 40 yard sprint
– 7’s to the 3rd pole (Block KB Swings / Alpo’s) — Rifle / Shoulder Carry block to end point
2 – 40 yard sprint
– 6’s to the 4th pole (Squats / Curls w/ Block)
2 – 40 yard sprint


Boat / Canoe x 7 (?)
Flutter Kicks x 17 IC


In Matthew 4, the bible speaks about Satan’s temptation of Jesus. In reading through the verses and reflecting upon the text, a question came to mind. Why is temptation always assumed as a bad thing? It kind of always is. Or is it?

Matthew’s account of the three separate instances of Jesus’ temptation thwarting, demonstrates a perfect example of how to handle bad temptation. It shows how/when Satan will tempt. He targets Jesus when he was in the wilderness on a 40 day – 40 night outdoor CSAUP (Completely Spiritual and Unequivocally Pivotal) event involving the wilderness, prayer, lack of reparations and all sorts of wild cray cray and zero beers. An opportune time to get a guy when he’s down and out to say ‘Uncle’. Not this guy. Not Jesus, even though he was physically worn out from lack of sustenance, sun beaten and worn thin from his travels in those beat up rainbows he was sporting. You see, Jesus’ demonstration of God’s will proved that he not only understood the scripture/teachings, he also obeyed it. Two things; The Head and the Heart.

Satan tempted him to turn stones to loaves of bread (Papa was a rollin stone); He dared him to jump from the highest point of Jerusalem on another attempt (aint too proud to beg); finally, thirdly, he tried the ol’ Mufasa and Simba approach – ‘you can have everything the light touches’ talk from on-high – if only he just would serve Satan. All of which Jesus was like, ‘nah bro.’ “you must worship the Lord and only serve Him. Get outta here Satan.” That was it. His mind, his heart and his actions all served one purpose in total alignment. Glorify God in everything, no matter what. The End.

For us, it’s not a matter of if, but when you’ll be tempted. When you’re low. When you’re tired and beat. When things aren’t well. How will you respond?

Now, my question about a time when Temptation can be good? Gusher tells me the Greek word for “temptation” is the same word that is used for “testing”. I don’t know why I trust him; he’s not very Greek looking, he doesn’t own a restaurant, he’s never invited me to a Greek festival and he has ZERO Gold jewelry anywhere, but maybe he knows, or maybe he’s just helping my story along….

So, interestingly, the back half of the chapter describes two separate instances where Jesus is able to coerce four men (in total) to join him. Pick up their fishing nets, leave everything behind and walk with him. This was their livelihoods. This was their life. They’d known no different. In one instance, James and John left their old and tattered fishing nets, their boat AND their own FATHER! Just to give into this “temptation” – nay, this “test” of their faith – from a man who they didn’t know, selling a promise which was anyone’s guess. We’re led to believe these fishermen were believers, so it’s likely they had made quick assessment. They believed in their heart that a time like this was possible. They believed they’d be tested at some point, and, if the opportunity came to share what they knew about the good news and Kingdom of God, they’d take it! Even leave their old man to float off into the sunset with a bunch of old worn out fishing nets, couple packs of hot hands packets in the tackle box, some half-day old bojangle’s biscuits left out in the sun and a few warm beers rattling around in the hull. A test meant an opportunity they would give anything to do. It meant it was time to feed their hunger to fish for men, for all others, rather than for self.

So, again, outside of the once famous 60’s Motown band, are there good temptations? Or just tests? How will you fare in your test? Are you seeking or looking forward to that test? Get ready, cause it’s coming.


This was the largest collection of 20 year olds I’ve been around in quite some time, and I am both envious and happy that they’ve found themselves and F3 at such a young ripe age. I remember my 20’s, but not well.

Red Bank Middle school lights are like a 24-hour Krispy Kreme. It’s like being the halftime super bowl show. Everything around us pitch black, but that parking lot was like being in the show, fah real doe. Took me back to a time when I was a legend in my own mind.


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