But this one goes to 11

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 10/05/2020

PAX: Bonsi, Woodrider, Cold Play, Tatonka, Band Wagon, Oui Oui, Fiddy Cent, Slim Shady, Toe Tag, Picabo, Shawshank, Bernie, Abbercrombie, Madoff

AO: Hackswaw


Sweet, grainy cereal notes with a strong caramel flavor, join hints of chocolate. Light and easy to drink.

Everyone grab two bricks and Mosey to the big flag.
Circle up around the sound—– Commodores “Brick House” playing in the background

SSHWith Bricks10
Cobble Stones(3rd grade exercise- With Bricks10
Brick ShittersWillie Maze Haze – With Bricks10
Little Baby Brick CirclesDuh
Brick ClapsSeal Claps – With Bricks10
SSHWith Bricks10

The Thang

PAX lines up around flag circle, performs exercise as a group then Brick crawls 1/4 of the way around the circle between exercises.

Brick FlysOn back , arms on ground, bring bricks together25
Brick Side RaiseStanding, arms at sides, raise bricks over head25
Brick Front RaiseStanding, hands @ waste, raise bricks to 90 deg in front25
Brick Tricep extensionTricep extension – With bricks20
Curl-PressCurl then military press25
Brick HammersAmerican hammers – With Bricks20
Masonry Sit UpsBig boy sit ups – With bricks20

At this point the PAX was tired of holding bricks so everyone was given two strips of duct tape to secure them to their feet

Imperial Brick WalkersImperial walkers – With Bricks20
Brick CyclesFreddie Mercury – With Bricks20
Flutter KicksFlutter kicks – With Bricks20
Jane FondaJane Fonda – With Bricks (While staring at neighbor and Listening to “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate10
High KneesHigh knees – With Bricks10

With an extra 13 minutes the Q switched to dealer’s choice
** Hell if I remember what we did, but we did it …WITH BRICKS


The Q relayed a disturbing story about swallowing a Barbie doll head the night before a colonoscopy

Mole Skin

The bricks were sanitized for your protection
Standard grey 3M duct tape doesn’t hold up well to shear stress


Bring kids to the workout at Hacksaw on Friday. Yes, they must be your own.

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