The Warped Wagon Wheel

QIC:  Abercrombie

Date: 10/31/2020

PAX: Premier (F3 Birmingham), Clothespin, Deep Dish, Three Skin, Coldplay, Mrs Baker, 9Volt, Wuzntme

AO: The Battery


Nice crisp 39 degrees, but it didn’t take long for a laundry pile to accumulate in the wagon wheel hub.


Mosey around the dog park and up to the pool parking lot.   Conducted the following in cadence along the way.


Forward Fold

LB arm circles

4 count Merkins


The Thang

Grab a coupon and rotate through 8 exercise stations for the remainder of the hour.  I called this the warped wagon wheel.  After each exercise, go to the wheel hub and complete 10 slow and low squats.

3 murder bunnies up and down the grassy bank

10 Man Makers (Blockies)

20 Thrusters

30 Alpos

40 Curls

50 Merkins

60 SSH

70 LBCs

Conducted two minutes of Mary because Motley Crue “Kick Start My Heart” ended two minutes before time was up and it just seemed right. 

Flutter Kicks – Coldplay

10 count making fun of Abercrombie – Deep Dish (getting to be a habit, ahem)

Big Boy Sit-ups – Clothespin


One of my greatest passions in life is racing dirt bikes.  This past weekend I completed a race and felt like my performance did not meet expectations.  After dwelling on it all week, I decided that the issue was not speed, it was fitness.  How could that be?    I have only missed one beatdown in the last four weeks and that was just because I didn’t like the Q (WreckedEm)  Just kidding, Iove you WreckedEm!  Ok, seriously, so what’s the problem?   At the beginning of every beatdown the Q will say the words “push yourself”.  I concluded that I have been cheating my self and not pushing myself.  I shared this prior to The Warped Wagon Wheel and challenged everyone to push extra hard this morning.  I can guarantee you that no one cheated themselves today, I was blown away by how hard everyone worked!  Super proud of the PAX!

The second part of my COT, after the name-o-rama, was short and sweet.  I just basically said “Jesus Christ is my personal Lord and Savior”.  That’s it.  It’s been a long time since I have publicly said those words and I appreciate the group allowing me an opportunity to do so.    


Murder bunnies are more difficult than I remembered.

When you Q a rotating routine, make sure to tell the PAX which direction they need to go.

The shuffle on my playlist sure does like Bon Jovi.

This is my first backblast. Hopefully I didn’t mess it up too bad. I get a message “This video is private” when when trying to watch the the tutorial.

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