Shot House -Sidekick; Sidekick – Shot House

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 01/06/2021

PAX: Band Camp; Cleaver; Fissure; Milkman; Sherlock

AO: Shot House


30 Degrees and clear. The grass was delicate crispness that only melted if you stayed stationary, which we did not


SSHICX20; Willie Mays Hays ICX10; Forward Fold OYO; Left over Right OYO; Right over Left OYO; Seal Claps ICX12; Overhead Press ICX12

Mosey with Block to the track

The Thang

Spread Eagle

All PAX spread out along the straightaway of the track; Walk to the middle of the football field and place your block; walk back to the straightaway on the track.

All rounds will follow the same general sequence: travel to block, exercise with block, jail break to opposite side track; 10 Mercans; repeat back across the football field to your starting point; run a lap

Round 1

Bear crawl — 20 Block Squats — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Bear Crawl — 20 Block squats — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Round 2

Lunge — 20 Block press — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Lunge — 20 Block Press —Jail Break — 10 Mercans — 1/2 Lap

Round 3

Crawl Bear — 110 Blockees — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Crawl Bear — 10 Blockees —Jail Break — 10 Mercans — 1/2 Lap

Round 4

Reverse French Lunges — 20 Block Curls — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Reverse French lunges — 20 Block Curls — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — 1/2 Lap

Round 5

Traveling Burpees — 20 Kettle Bell Swings — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Traveling Burpees — 20 Kettle bell Swings — jail Break — 10 Mercans — 1/2 Lap

Retrieve Block and circle up


Hixson has been a great growth point for us in F3 Chattanooga. Milk has taken Shot House straight to 3 days a week to alleviate some overcrowding a Lions Den
. The AO was so well received it had to split off again to form Detention. Great job by all. Keep it going through the winter, keep bringing those guys out. Spread the joy that is F3.


Was a bit quiet this morning. We did not talk any soccer which was surprising with Milk and Fizz in attendance. I am not complaining about that, but I could have used some of that magic spray about halfway through this morning.


Tuff Muff coming up sometime in February, stay tuned

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