Last Time I Crawled This Much…I was Learning to Crawl

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/04/2021

PAX: Blue, Doogie, Geek Squad, Hasbro, Milkman, Slois Lane, U-Turn

AO: Huey


Low 30’s, but the Pax there could tell the temperature had been much lower. The entire park had this beautiful glisten that almost resembled snow as the bright lights, which light the flag, gazed upon the frosty grass. It was especially apparent around the “Choppa” as the contrast of the shadow met the glisteny (this is now a word, write it down) frost. Somehow, the air felt comfortably dry and perfect to breathe in the wonderful valley air.


SSH x15 IC
Forward Fold (full disclosure, after the pre-ruck, YHC needed to put his keys and phone in the truck….so, extended forward fold?) OYO
Willie Mays Hays x12 IC

The Thang

We mosey/shuffled with blocks to the parking lot. YHC took care to make sure no Pax were uncomfortable sharing a block. All agreed, so off we went.
Farm Work
Pax 1 — Carry two coupons, suitcase carry style, to the curb. Once there, drop the coupons, and mosey back.
Pax 2 — Complete 20 Squats
Once Pax 1 returns, partners switch, Pax 2 moseys to the curb, retrieves the coupons and carries back to Pax 1.
Rinse and Repeat the above process with a second round of squats, two rounds of leg raises, and two rounds of monkey humpers

Just a Bunch of Babies
At some point during this routine, a comment was made that inspired both the title this Backblast, as well as, the title of this routine.
Pax partnered up once again. While one Pax completed 10 Straight Leg Deadlifts, the other Pax Bear Crawled as far as possible. Once deadlifts were complete, Pax ran and caught the other for an exchange. This process continued until we made it around the opposite curb and back.
We switched partners and complete the same routine, with a little shorter distance and 15 LBCs. Next, we completed 20 curls keeping with the same routine.
One more switch of the partners, 25 straight leg deadlifts, 20 LBCs, and 15 Curls. We, of course, completed the bear crawl routine between each exercise.

We closed with Geek Squad leading us in Dolly for 12 reps IC and Blue leading us in Hollow Body Hold for 10 count IC.


Regrets: If each Pax were surveyed and asked about regrets, my conjecture is this: he either (1) bows out his “pride muscles” by puffing out the chest and throwing his shoulders back and boldly claims, “I regret nothing”; (2) swallows his pride a bit and talks about attempting to regret little but admittedly regrets some past actions; or (3) boldly admits regrets exists in his life, but he works everyday to cut down on the actions he takes which cause regret.

No matter the answer, YHC spoke about the opportunities in life in which we have opportunities to control the outcome significantly in order to prevent those regrettable moments.

This morning centered around two simple ideas: The F3 workout and connecting with others. As Geek Squad once stated, “I have certainly regretted not going to a workout, but I have yet to regret going to a workout.” Powerful words. When the only hinderance between going to a workout is cold weather and a warm bed, then take away the opportunity for regret to seep into your life. Get out into the Gloom with your brothers.

YHC moved into the next topic. Oddly enough, it connects with that whole brotherhood idea. We often throw around the word brother in F3. Do we really mean it? If so, who are we reaching out too as often as possible to check on them, connect with them, invite them to something, encourage them, or even, and this will sound gosh awful crazy, tell them you love them. If they’re truly you’re brother, then don’t you love them? What possible regret could come from something like this? So yeah, you may not get the same positivity and love in return, but that’s not why you’re doing it in the first place. It’s not for affirmation. It’s not because they deserve it. It’s not because they’re the cool kid. It’s because you care about them and genuinely want to know they’re well and want to offer support.

TAPS for several individuals and family members, as well as, Friar Tuck and Nordic as they nurse hip injuries.


“We have literally never crawled this much since we were actually learning to crawl — Geek Squad
“Do we bring the blocks?” — Slois Lane
“The hips don’t lie, Mr. Clean.” — Blue


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