QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/05/2021

PAX: Blue, Cleaver, Dundee, Geek Squad, Gretel, She Shed, Sherlock, Slois Lane, U-Turn

AO: Shot House


42 degrees. Felt like the mid thirties, and it was significantly different than the air at the Huey yesterday. It was very damp and moist. It was quite the dynamic. Ice spots on the track, but it also just felt like a super humid morning that wasn’t so cold.


Fast Walk/Mosey to Track with Coupons

The Thang

YHC instructed Pax to grab a Battle Buddy. Not to be mistaken for a partner, the Battle Buddy is there to push and encourage his counterpart. This seemed to confuse the Pax as they thought it was a Dora especially when the rep count was revealed.
I Have Nothing Creative for this, but the Pax agreed a routine similar will work for a monthly barometer. So, the ” The Monthly Barometer thing at Shot House Where We Lift Blocks and Run A Lot”??
Run 2 Laps AYG
100 Shoulder Presses
Run 2 Laps AYG
100 Curls
Run 2 Laps AYG
100 Bent Over Rows
Run 2 Laps AYG
100 Merkins
Run 2 Laps AYG
Leg Raises
Run 2 Laps AYG
This “design” led to some modifying/mixing by the Pax. My only request was to do no less than 50 reps at a time and, of course, no less than one lap at a time. Minimum goal was 2 miles and 100 Merkins Completed. Ultimate goal — Complete ALL reps and run 3 miles.


Endurance is often a hard thing to truly define. Yesterday at the Huey was all about endurance, but so was today. YHC promised the men of the Huey, yesterday; that today’s workout would be very different, and it was, so how then, are they both about endurance. Well, each required a man to push himself to finish something that was difficult.
Today, we got our Battle Buddy for encouragement NOT competition. True endurance calls us to compete, Paul encourages competition in the Bible, but that competition is all about competition within rather than without.
Finding motivation to push oneself in race in which someone else is leading is much easier than finding motivation to suddenly push harder.
Funny thing, life is much more about the latter rather than the former. Life’s obstacles only provide the obstacle to surmount. It doesn’t provide a leader as a benchmark to “catch” before finishing.
You want help with endurance, you must find the inner strength, but life does provide people. People can become Battle Buddies. Battle Buddy connections mean each man encourages the other to push hard and fast past the obstacles rather competing against each other to finish the obstacle first.


She Shed just lapped us! (Had to be there moment)
Cinder Blocks clearly had more concrete in them when they were made “back in the day” or maybe that moss was extra heavy.
So, are we in partners or not? Do we have to do that many together or separate?
I think we are no partners by default…I got dropped — Gretel
Ever told you I hate running? — Sherlock
I hate running. — Dundee
Due to lack of oxygen, the COT became CO2…


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