Detention’s turn to fly

QIC:  Sidekick

Date: 02/17/2021

PAX: Snatch, Dundee, Gretel, Ponce, Blue, Deer Jack, NordicTrack, Roomba, U-Turn

AO: Detention


35 degrees and raining. Perfection


SSHICX20; Willie Mays Hays ICX10; Forward Fold OYO; Left over Right OYO; Right over Left OYO; Seal Claps ICX12; Overhead Press ICX12

Mosey with Block to the far parking lot, down the hill, around the track

The Thang

Spread Eagle

All PAX spread out along the edge of the big lot; Walk to the middle of the lot and place your block; walk back to the edge.

All rounds will follow the same general sequence: travel to block, exercise with block, jail break to opposite side track; 10 Mercans; repeat back across the lot to your starting point; run a lap around the track

Round 1

Bear crawl — 20 Block Squats — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Bear Crawl — 20 Block squats — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Round 2

Lunge — 20 Block press — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Lunge — 20 Block Press —Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Round 3

Crawl Bear — 110 Blockees — Jail break — 10 Mercans — Crawl Bear — 10 Blockees —Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Round 4

Reverse French Lunges — 20 Block Curls — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Reverse French lunges — 20 Block Curls — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Round 5

Traveling Burpees — 20 Kettle Bell Swings — Jail Break — 10 Mercans — Traveling Burpees — 20 Kettle bell Swings — jail Break — 10 Mercans — Lap

Retrieve Block and mosey back around the track, back up the hill, to the original starting position


Enjoyed my morning at Detention. The crew did a great job hanging with a long mosey carrying a block and a tough beatdown.
I talked about Lent today and the three aspects 1. Sacrifice. 2. Prayer. and 3. Helping those less fortunate. These are the three things we talk about in the Catholic church around Lent as we prepare for Easter


Great fun had by the QIC


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