The Elite 8 Edition at Detention


Date: 03/29/2021

PAX:   Dundee, Hasbro, Mr. Clean, NordicTrack, Ponce De Leon, Postman, Roomba, She Shed, Slois Lane & U-Turn.

AO: Detention


Cooler and Feels like temperature is 38. A little brisk.


Willy Mayes Hayes x 12 IC
Butt Kickers x 12 IC
SSH x 20 IC

Butterflies x 12 – (Count to 12)
Greatest American Heroes x 4 (Left, Right, forward, recover -Rinse and Repeat 4 X)
Updog to down dog with toe flip x 4
SSH x 20 IC

Left Arm stretch x 6 (count to 6)
Right Arm stretch x 6 (count to 6)
Slow n low Squats x 6 (count to 6)
Iraqi Tee Times x 6 (count to 6)
SSH x 10 IC

Mosey to the hill

The Thang – The Elite 8 (exercises)

Moving -use the hill & / Stationary – Dora /AMRAP

Moving / Stationary
Bear crawls / Block Press
Imperial Walkers / Curls
Bernie Sanders / Tricep extensions
Lunges / LBCs
Defensive Slides / Squats
Mosey up and Back / Burpees
Karaokes / Freddy Mercurys
Jail Break up hill & mosey back / Low Rows

Mosey back to start

Flutter Kicks IC x 14
Peter Parkers IC x 14
FireHydrants IC x 10
Pretzels x 10 each leg IC
Box cutters x 10 IC
Merkins x 15 IC
Pickle Pounders x 15 IC


“I like arriving, getting out of the car and hearing music playing before the workout.” – NordicTrack

“It’s Monday and we have to bear crawl that far!”

“I think I should have decided to go to Shot House this morning.” – Ponce

“That felt like a telephone pole going in sideways” Which was followed by, “TWSS” and then, “I didn’t say, Jennifer said that!” – Mr. Clean and Geek Squad.

“Free and Free and Free and Free” before leading the exercise “fire hydrants” – Geek Squad


Trust is at the core of everything you do as a leader. If the people you lead, trust you, they will follow wherever you lead them. Without trust, transactions cannot occur. Without trust, influence is destroyed. Without trust, leaders lose their people. Trust can be either your most vulnerable weakness or your greatest asset.

Proverbs 3:5,6 is one of my favorite words of wisdom in the Bible. “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all of your ways, acknowledge Him and He will direct your path!

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