Day after Easter Beatdown!

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 04/05/2021

PAX: Ramrod, Radar, Escobar, Toe Tag, AOL, M.I.A., Mothballs, Tatonka, Wax Off, Top ‘Em, Bernie

AO: Hacksaw


A beautiful cold morning!


Mosey to the park:

Third Grade exercise- 10 count

Worlds greatest stretch- 10 count both sides

SSH- 25 count

Forward Fold- Silent 10 count

The Thang

We set up a filed with cones marking boundaries.

We then split into teams of 6. We played ultimate football (ultimate frisbee with a football, often called speed ball).

Simply put, whoever scored picked the other teams exercise, but still had to do half of whatever they prescribed to the other team.

This way we were all getting a good beatdown.

There were burpees, Squats, monkey humpers, merkins, diamond merkins, and a plethora of other excruciating exercises to start our Monday off well!


In light of Easter this past weekend, often times the day Christ died is attributed with mourning, pain, and affliction. But when Christ rose on the third day, there was victory, rejoicing, and glory in the Son of God. If Christ had never risen, we would not know happiness, and joy. This morning’s beatdown was designed to be fun, and still active. It’s ok to have fun, and enjoy the things God has blessed us with, because he died and forgave us all so we could live eternally with him. It was great to add some competition and fellowship with the HIM that came out!


The Q, also the author of this BB, participated in his first 5k5a, so he was extremely winded, but enjoyed the aftermath of getting 2.5 miles in and then leading the charge through a creative and Purple Rain inspired beatdown!


Habitat for Humanity slots are filled for 4-17.

Park cleanup This coming Saturday at Legacy with an 8am beatdown scheduled and 9am-12pm cleanup. Waivers will be provided day of, and masks required since it is through the City of Chattanooga.