Sousarama Tour Launch 4-24-21

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 04-24-2021

PAX: Pink Panther, Rocket Man

AO: Landfill


It rained the whole time, but wasn’t completely miserable as we did do a portion of the beatdown under a nice covered pavilion.


SSH- 20 count

5 burpees

SSH- 30 count

10 burpees

SSH- 40 count

20 burpees

Forward Fold into a downward dog, and into a cobra or upward dog position and back

World’s greatest Stretch- 15 count each side

The Thang


There were 4 stations with 1 workout per station. Each round increased the reps of the exercise by 4 reps per round.

Station 1 (Sousa’s) was in the pavilion with station 2 (Blockees) down the hill in another pavilion, station 3 (Derkins) down the path by a lamp post and station 4 (Squat Thrusts) back where station 1 was under the pavilion. This was the course each round.

Round 1: 10 Sousa’s, 10 Blockees, 10 derkins and 10 squat thrusts

Round 2: 15 Sousa’s, 15 Blockees, 15 derkins and 15 squat thrusts

Round 3: 20 Sousa’s, 20 Blockees, 20 derkins and 20 squat thrusts

Round 4: 25 Sousa’s, 25 Blockees, 25 derkins and 25 squat thrusts


With the launch of this mini tour that was delayed by Covid, I Reminded the men that with Spring Cleaning being a thing of physical cleaning, we as men could help clean ours and others lives with a little old fashion male community leadership. Whether leading their family, coworkers, or simply putting the EH on a friend, these are all ways to invigorate the male community leadership that we strive to achieve each and every day.


There is nothing like three guys working out soaking wet in a park with rocks and cinderblocks. Eye Contact is necessary.


Recurring Chubby’s 3rd-f opportunity Mondays at 5:30