John McCains were a Mistake

QIC: Dundee

PAX: Bobbitt, Daisy, Gretel, Hoser, Knievel, NordicTrack, Roomba, Sheet Stain, Slois Lane, Snatch, U-turn

Date: 05-24-2021

AO: Detention


66 degrees, but felt a little bit cooler. Not enough to keep the sweat at bay.




PAX split into two groups of six. All PAX do the exercise AMRAP while one PAX travels. When PAX returns, next PAX travels until all PAX have traveled. Travel is to the cone and back.

Round 1: Merkins / Rifle Carries
Round 2: Jungle Boy Squats / Murder Bunnies
Round 3: Hello Dollies with block overhead / Lunges
Round 4: John McCains with block overhead / Bear Crawl
Round 5: Curls / Crab Walk


A key principle to F3 leadership is the concept of Sua Sponte. Latin for “of one’s own accord,” it’s the idea of giving a man the freedom to lead as he sees fit, including the space to fail. YHC’s oldest 2.0 just turned 16 and there is a struggle to release him to the freedom that comes at this age. Sua Sponte is also one of the mottos of the Army Ranger Regiment. The Rangers believe there is a second corollary to Sua Sponte: that the leader has been equipped with the proper tools and skills to lead. Likewise, with our 2.0s and with F3 PAX, we have two responsibilities: equip them with the tools and skills needed to succeed and give them the freedom to fail.


The 80’s movie soundtrack was met with only slightly more enthusiasm than the crab walks. YHC will calibrate soundtrack choices for the next Q accordingly. Musical Theatre to Get You Moving, perhaps? Sweating to the Greatest 70’s Commercial Jingles? Best of minor league baseball contest winners singing the national anthem? Each member of Jodeci covering “When the Sun Goes Down,” but only the Uncle Kracker part, on loop?

There are options, is what I’m saying.