Chiller, Whiller, Thiller- Tribute to “Thriller”

QIC:  Sousa

Date: 11/30/21

PAX: Dundee, Ducktales, Blue, NordicTrack, Roomba, Doogie, Sherlock, 8 Seconds, Milkman, Hoverround, Oil Change, Slois Lane, Starbucks, U-turn



A chiller for sure, frigid, dry, but 42 degrees at startex.


SSH- 25 count

Forward Fold- OYO

Shoulder blasters consisting of Lil baby arm circles, front and reverse, Moroccan

nightclubs, seal claps, Chinooks

SSH- 25 count

Third Grade exercise

Willie Mays Hayes

5 Burpees

The Thang

THRILLER. Today marks 29 years since the famous Thriller Album was released by Michael Jackson. To start the Thang, Pax did heel touches to the rhythm of The Title song, and each time “Thriller” was sung, we did 2 Big boy sit ups. Intro and outro included, the song was only 6 minutes long. The PAX groaned and moaned, but WE ALL GOT BETTER!

T- The Wolverine- 10

H- High Knees- 50

R- Q mistakenly left this portion out. Q error

I- Indian Run- 2 groups

L LBFC’s- 50

L- LT. Dangers- 30

E- E2k- 50- 25 each side

R- Rosalitas- 30

Took a lap at end of round. Started rinse and repeat cycle but time was called.


I encouraged each man to challenge themselves daily. We are called to be better men, and every day we don’t improve, we take steps backwards. Whether its spiritually, mentally, or physically, we need to constantly find ways to get better. This applies in our families, with friends, at work, and any where we have a presence.


Thriller turned into “Thiller”, after somehow forgetting basic elementary school spelling and omitting the R portion of the beatdown. Some PAX may call it “Whiller”, as Wolverine can be taken as such, or “The Wolverine” which I pulled from the exicon. All in all, PAX were thrilled, and the chill wore off by the end of the beat down.


Chubbys BBQ homeless ministry Mondays (except first of month), @5:30. Big items with cold weather are jackets, blankets, socks, and batteries.

Continued prayers for Captain Wafer and family as daughter, Lorelei, is battling Leukemia. Currently in Houston I believe being treated.