Huey 20211228

QIC:  NordicTrack

Date: 12/28/2021

PAX: FNG-Coolio, u-turn, Dundee, Hasbro, Milkman, Shaken N Bake, Blue, 8 Seconds, Ducktales, Geek Squad, Doogie, Oil Change, Willie Loman

AO: The Huey


Nice morning. 61 degrees. Low humidity.


Standard warm up routine. SSH, 3rd Grade, Shoulder blasters. Oh, and 15 burpees.

The Thang

Partner Exercise
Begin by lapping around the track. Stopped at 4 stations and did 5 burpees to remind everyone where each station is. Ended up doing 15 burpees at one stop because 2 Bud Light Trucks came by, so we did not do burpees at station 4.

Everyone partnered up. Each person was responsible for doing all the reps. The partner was for encouragement and accountability. Q called an exercise, the group then performed that exercise at each station. At the end of each lap, plank/Al Gore for the six, then everyone gets a new partner.

Exercises were:

25 Merkins

25 Squats

25 BBS

50 Monkey Humpers

Ended with Circle Merkins


We work 1/3 of our lives. We should not spend this time doing something you hate. If you dread going to work, consider why you are doing it.


[The “Moleskin” aka the “NAKED-MAN MOLESKIN” is the portion of the Backblast in which the Q describes interesting things about the Workout that are at least partially true.]


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