At Least it Wasn’t Raining


Date: 12/30/2021

PAX: 9-Volt, Abercrombie, Cooter, El Chapo, Man Bun, Schnitzel, Woodrider, WuzntMe 

AO: The Battery


The conditions of this week made the Q happy. The PAX may or not feel the same.


Hand Release Merkins,
Flutter Kicks,
It was all downhill from there.

The Thang

The PAX split into two teams. One team only had 4 people, but that team had Abercrombie, so they were still better off.

Each team member manned a station and rotated stations when the control station completed the workout prescribed.

Heat 1
Control – Army Crawl 10 yards and back
OH Press w/ coupon
Hand Release Merkins

Winners: 1 Round of Maker Boilers
Losers: Stayed at home in their Fartsack

Heat 2
Same as Heat 1

Winners: 1 Round of Boiler Makers
Losers: Stayed at home in their Fartsack

Heat 3
Control – Dying Seal 10 yards
Curls for the Girls
Flutter Kicks

Winners: 1 Round of Indigenous Lunge Line
Losers: Stayed at home in their Fartsack

Heat 4
Same as Heat 3

Winners: 1 Round of Maker Boilers
Losers: Stayed at home in their Fartsack

Heat 5
Control – Shrimp 10 yards
Curls for the Girls
Flutter Kicks

Winners: 2 Minutes of Mary
Losers: Inverted plank


“A goal without a plan is just a wish” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
YHC didn’t know the source of the quote until typing this, but was not expecting a French aristocrat.

This time of year is a great time to both set and review goals. Goals are not the same as resolutions. New Year’s resolutions seem to be putting off action to start when it seems it will be convenient. A year though, or a month, or a week can be a convenient time to set a time frame for a goal.

It is important to set goals to improve yourself in your physical health, your relational health and your spiritual health. Evaluate your circumstances and make a goal to improve each of them.


It didn’t rain a single drop during the workout. Were there seven idiots sitting in the rain for coffeeteria, though? Absolutely.

Before the beatdown, Woodrider observed the setting up of the apparatus the PAX would crawl under for the army crawls and mused on the time to commute to Legacy.

There was mumble chatter during SSH, this is to be expected.
There was silence when YHC announced hand release merkins to follow up.
There was grumble chatter when Flutter Kicks were announced next. Grumble chatter still ensues.

A few of the PAX really nailed some of these new modes of transportation. For example, Man Bun can army crawl faster than YHC can jog (not a high bar, but he cleared it easily).

YHC announced that the “Dying Seal” could be named by the PAX who best completed the exercise. 9-Volt won hands down. While he may not have been the fastest, definitely the most fun to watch.

At some point during a boiler maker Woodrider was apparently inserted into Man Bun’s “V”.

All the PAX who participated today were Winners.

A few definitions for the uncouth:

Boiler Makers – PAX form a single file line and assume a plank position. Rear most PAX Bear Crawls to the front, repeating in the style of indigenous persons ambulating quickly.

Maker Boilers – The same as a Boiler Maker, however the front most PAX Crawl Bears to the rear of the line.

Dying Seal – This name is not set in stone, but the workout will be repeated… many times. PAX lays perpendicular to their planned route of travel. Legs and Head held from the ground as though preparing to do crunches. PAX rocks forward from shoulders to hips while rocking shoulders side to side in order to propel themselves. No part of the PAX other than their back should touch the ground. Words really cannot describe. Please see 9-Volt for a demonstration.

Shrimp – PAX lays flat on their back with the right foot planted beside their left knee, pushing with the right foot the PAX propels themselves on to their left side moving backwards. Alternating between legs, this makes for a slow, but ineffective mode of transportation.


Convergence 1/1/2022 at Anvil at 0700.

12 Mile Ruck starting at Hacksaw at 0530 12/31/2021