Hacksaw Men Love to Bear Crawl!

QIC:  Abercrombie

Date: 12/31/2021

PAX: Bernie, Cooter, Escobar, Full Moon, M.I.A., Oui Oui, Picabo, Seagull, Tinder

AO: Hacksaw


Mid 50’s, nice breeze, few wet spots in the pavement, PERFECT CONDITONS


•Side Staddle Hop (25 IC)

•Forward fold to calf stretch

•Calf raises (50 regular, 50 pigeon, 50 duck, 50 regular)

•Mosey to the Collegedale Library

•Motivators (We counted down from 10)

•LBACs (10 IC)

The Thang

Bear crawl in cadence with Merkin. This was miserable, but we made it to 100 merkins!

Bear crawl Indian run (Bataan Death Crawl). Pax in the front yells “five!” (I come from the Battery and that’s as high as we can count). This is a signal for the Pax in the back to complete 3 burpees and run to the front of the line and yells “Five!”.

Killer B’s

•Broad jump to 1st cone

•10 Burpees

•10 Bonnie Blairs

•10 Big Boys

•Bear crawl back

We only completed one round of Killer B’s

Dora Bear Crawl: One Pax Bear Crawls while the other curls for a total of 100

Mary: Picabo (Plank) Cooter (Heel Touches) TIME!


For the COT, I wanted to put in a plug for the Q Source at Chic-fil-a following Monday morning beatdowns.  Q Source is leadership study materials developed by the co-founders of F3.  I shared highlights from the chapter on Influence (Q2.2).  Basically, there are two primary ways to influence people to an advantageous change: words (and the way you say them) and deeds (the behavior you model).  A high impact man understands that movement must be voluntary for it to result in a true advantage, and he can not compel movement through the force of his will.

Anyway, its good stuff.  If you have never attended, you are missing out. 


Ok, I probably had one of my biggest laughs during this Q. At one point during the bear crawl merkins, I turned around to realize that I was the only one actually doing anything; the entire pax was just walking behind me counting cadence. What a bunch of wise guys!

I’m not sure if the motivators actually motivated anyone, but I am sure that everyone pushed themselves and got a little bit better this morning.


Convergence tomorrow! Be safe tonight.

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