Fun and Games on the Mountain

QIC: 9 Volt

Date: 01/13/2022

PAX:  Blow Pop, Warlord, Laces Out, Zima, Pound Dog, Recycle, Mansiere, Squirt, Burrito, Yellow 5, Gusher, Pomade

AO: Smackdown

Note:  The QIC inspired the PAX throughout the entire beat down with this playlist


A general sense of superiority while looking down on the valley dwellers


Beging at the track
SSH ICx20, Baby arm circle fwdx15, revx15, sealclapx10,  Slow squats ICx10, Willy Maze Haze ICx10, SSH (Fast) ICx10

The Thang

The Game of Life
34 stations set 6 yards apart around the track
PAX Rolls a die and moves the number of stations
At each stop, the PAX follows instructions on the card
Mode of transport changes every 3 stations
Last 3 stations are manditory, PAX doesn’t roll die to move




StationLife EventConsequenceNotes
Mode of travel = Lunge
1You are bornRoll the die to move
2Circumcised by near sighted doctor15 Hand release merkins
3Successful potty trainingMove forward 3 spaces
Mode of travel = Broad Jump
4Start SchoolDie roll +10 Burpees
5Win spelling beeRoll again
6Family moves to New Jersey30 Mountain climbers
Mode of travel = Bear Crawl
7Puberty25 Pickle Pointers
8Develop AcneaGo back – Die roll
9See some boobsMove ahead 1
Mode of travel = Duck Walk
10Caught masturbating in K-mart changing room25 Monkey humpers
11Learn to disco dance25 “Staying Alive” side planksAlternating sides w/4x Travolta arm movements
12Voted most likely to underachieveGo back 1 die roll
Mode of travel =Crab walk
13Win tickets to Michael Jackson concert20 American hammer & moon walk ahead 1 die roll
14Score big at the PromChange mode of travel to dealer’s choice
15Graduate High SchoolChange mode of transport to Lunge
Mode of travel = Lunge
16Inherit grandmother’s OldsmobileGirlfriend dumps you 25 SSH
Go back 1 roll
17Arrested at Metalica concert10 Ground Hogs
18Sober up with a tatoo25 Squats
Mode of travel = Broad Jump
19Hold my beer
Watch This!
Move back 3 spaces
20Hitch hike a ride with a bus load of singing nunsMove forward 5 spaces
21Married in Vegas
By Elvis
25 High Knees
Mode of travel = Bear Crawl
22You are the probable father of twins20
23Get promoted at a job you hate10 Captain Thor
24Join a cult25 Flutter kicks
Mode of travel = Duck Walk
25Children survive to adulthood…
In spite of you
Pick mode of travel
26Found guilty of all charges25 Carolina dry docks
27Prostate the size of a pinecone25 Jump Squats
Mode of travel =Crab walk
28Retire to Florida
Then get the hell out of Florida
Go back 10 spaces
29Poop your pants at the Morrison’s Cafeteria25 “Leg shake” Imperial WalkersImperial walker but shake one leg 3 times after each step
30Children put you in a “Nice” homePull your pants up to your armpits
50 Calf Raises
Mode of travel = Walk
31You Die10 BurpeesStop here, no die roll
32You were a good ScientologistL. Ron Hubbard picks you up in a spaceship
Celebrate with 20 jump squats
Stop here, no die roll
33Probed by space aliens10 donkey kicks Stop here, no die roll
34Reincarnated as a dung beetleMosey back to beginning


Circled up for some Mary in the last 3 minutes


(Vanillia Ice playing in the background)

If you are caught in a rip tide or strong current we are taught to use your effort to influence your direction not to wear yourself out fighting against it. Life, like the current will take you where it will and there is a kind of peace in giving in to it. With a little time the current will ease and you may find you’ve made it to shore in a nudist colony 🙂


9-Volt is Burrito’s daddy
The playlist had to be stopped so Milkshake wouldn’t be playing during the prayer requests





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