Frigid 11’s @ The Increased Gravity zone


Date: 01/12/2022

PAX: Blair Witch, Full Moon, M.I.A., Mandela, Mayhem, Mr. Burns, Picabo, Seagull, Sousa, Toe Jelly, Uncle Joe

AO: Hacksaw


28 Degrees……COLD!


SSH X 15





SSH X 15

The Thang

We had Four sets of cones setup on (the hill) each set was 125 Feet apart

PAX are to complete Three sets of 11’s

Round 1
Pax start at cone 1 at bottom of hill,
Complete 1 squat, run to cone 2 and complete 10 shoulder press with the block.
Leaving the block at cone 2 the run back to cone 1, complete 2 squats.

Repeat until the rep count switches.

Round 2
Pax start at cone 2 with the block.
Curls and thrusters. Reps the same, process the same, but pax mode of transportation between cone 2 & 3 is rifle carry.

Pax will finish and rifle carry coupons to cone three where they will use blocks on the third set of 11’s

Round 3
Pax start at cone 3, start with Head Shoulders, knees & Toes , pax then run to cone 4, and
complete burpee humpers, repeat round until all reps have been completed.

Round 1

Cone 1 – squats
Cone 2(B) – shoulder press

Round 2

Cone 2(B) – Thrusters
Rifle carry
Cone 3(B) – CPR’s

Round 3

Cone 3(B) – Head, shoulders, knees & Toes
Cone 4 – Burpee humpers


YHC and His family over the last several months have been through so many things.

M’s Seizure and Memory Loss, Loss of Grandfather, Loss of M’s Brother, and now YHC’s Father being in the hospital with COVID. During this season that we are in we are learning to press on, to keep pushing forward. Perseverance is never easy, but it is necessary to move on. YHC shared a verse from the book of John.

John 16:33 “I Have spoken these things i have spoken to you so that you may have peace. In this world you will have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world.

We will have go through seasons that will be hard, but if we look to Christ as our guide, the One who leads us through our day to day, we can continue to persevere and push through all that is going on. He Himself is our peace.


It was a COLD morning on the side of Hacksaw Hill.

a few PAX ended up not having gloves which made Carrying thier blocks even more painful than it already was. Mandela was seen at one point running up the hill with his hands tucked under his arm pits just trying to warm them up.

Most of the PAX were not thrilled with what YHC had chosen for us to particpate in this morning. There was plenty of Grumble Chatter……The question that was asked was …….if any of the PAX had done something to make the q mad at them. i can say, Q was not mad at all….. just frustrated with Uncle Joe for the Ski Abs he continues to call when he Q’s…….but hey it’s all good. LOL


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