Track Days are supposed to be Tuesdays

QIC:  Full Moon

Date: 01/26/2022

PAX: Cavity Search, Face Plant, iLean, Toe Tag, WEBLOW

AO: Parliament


Awful. 27 degrees and windy


YHC was quite excited to bring some unoriginality to the White Wigs, and was explaining this as Face Plant came in hot on two wheels, forcing the PAX to dive for cover casually move out of the way.

SSH x20 IC; Toe Merkins x25 OYO; WMH x10 IC; Toes-in/Inverted Toe Merkins x25 OYO; Forward Fold x10 IC; Toes-out/Duck Toe Merkins 25x OYO; Tea Time OYO; Toe Merkins x25 OYO; 21*

*5 penalty burpees because Q lost count, ha

Mosey to track

The Thang

We began with an exercise pilfered from Burrito – PAX were advised any complaints should be forwarded, with haste, to his attention. The exercise, “Custer’s Last Stand”, is a modified Indigenous Peoples’ Run wherein the 6 executes a burpee before running the opposite direction of the line. Remaining PAX run, per usual** – whoever is at the back of the line upon opposite-direction-runner’s return performs a burpee before taking off in opposite direction. We did this for 3 or 4 (maybe?) laps and so that every PAX was able to enjoy some alone time in the opposite direction.

Upon completion, the next round of exercises was a (drumroll, please…)

Completely Original Dora

PAX paired up and performed the below:

200 Merkins

200 Squats (for jelly-legs when running)

200 Imperial Walkers, hard count (for even jellier-legs whilst running)

Some combination of 200 Shoulder Taps (hard count) and/or 200 Heel Touches (hc). It was too cold to de-glove and unlock phone to know which was next, so PAX did what they wanted – freedom! (Not sure these were finished as no one could math today – must’ve been the cold)

Couple (2) minutes of Mary:

American Hammers 20x IC (“thanks”, Cavity Search)

Flutter Kicks until time (iLean)***


Attitude. Specifically that it is one of the few things we can control in this hectic world of ours. Similar to YHC’s word back at Legacy, we can chose how we react to just about anything we encounter. Try to begin each day with a positive attitude and keep it, best you can, throughout the day. Also be mindful of it around others, particularly your 2.0’s (thanks for the assist, iLean), as you mold them into the strong men & women you hope they will become.


**”Oh, we’re supposed to do a normal Indigenous run while the other guy is running the other way? Makes more sense now”

“Are you cold, Full Moon? You look like a hobo when the temp’s below 30.”

“Oh, the reps are CUMULATIVE – gotcha, will try to count better next time.”

“It’s not so much your workouts we don’t like, Full Moon, it’s you… BA-DUM-TSS!”

***”We’ve only got a few seconds left, iLean, what you got?”

“59 seconds of Flutter Kicks, apparently”


Tuff Muff – 2/19 – see/watch #convergence-csaup channel

4th Weekend – 5/19-5/21 – see #4th-f-weekend channel and/or WuzntMe

Chubby’s – sign up in #3rd-f, drop off donations to any AO/AOQ

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