Slingshot Engaged!

QIC:  Shake N Bake

Date: 02/02/2022

PAX: Second Base, Band Camp, Life Alert, Doogie, Gretel, O.B., Moneyball, Dundee, Mr. Clean, Snatch, Lyft, Tasty Cakes, Sandbag, Hasbro, Roomba, 8 Seconds, Sling Blade, Recycle, Fissure, Chunks, Sherlock, Starbucks, Cleaver, Ponce

AO: Shothouse


A pleasant near 50 degrees with a slight breeze. Amazing weather for Feb. 2.


The nice weather and VQ occasion resulted in a huge group of HIM’s. A short and sweet warmup got everybody ready to roll. The warmup consisted of:

Forward Fold OYO

Iraqi Tea Time OYO

Down Dog-Cobra-Down Dog

Seal Claps- 10 Count in Cadence (Because we were graced with Band Camp’s Presence)

Overhead Clasp- 10 Count in Cadence

Block Mosey to the track

The Thang

All Pax Lined up in 2 rows, counted off 1-2’s (with some difficulty) Blocks were to stay in this location by the gate

2 by 2 by 2 =22 (Follow my math)
2 groups of HIM’s going in opposite directions around the track. At the end zone ends of the track they found a box of Shake N Bake (Extra Crispy) taped to a list of excercises.

Imperial Walkers -HC




Big Boy Sit-ups

Keeping with the theme of 2’s, as the PAX made their way around the track from station to station, they added 2 reps to their set at each stop. So, first stop, 2 reps of each exercise. Run the half lap to the next stop, 4 reps of each exercise. Then 6, 8 10, and so on, 2 by 2, capping the count at 22. Anyone able to complete the total to 22 would be rewarded with running 2 full laps and starting over.

BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!!! – Don’t forget about those coupons! The blocks were left by the gate. Each lap as the PAX pass into the block gauntlet, they must complete 22 reps before proceeding. I originally had a list of 5 exercises to chose from, taped to the white board with the workout plan. The wind removed this before the workout began, so an audible was called to let each man choose what he wanted to do 22 reps of on each lap. Like robots, we all did curls first, then chaotic variety ensued as the laps continued. So, 22 reps of a block exercise on every lap added to the 2 themed madness.

So far as I know, nobody completed the course. A few top flight HIM’s hit the 22 number but were unable to complete their reward of 2 laps before time expired. But I feel like everyone successfully pushed themselves and got the most of the opportunity to get better.


Power, Love, Self-Discipline

I shared with the PAX that in the beginning, F3 was quite intimidating for me. But I knew I wanted to work to the point where I could step up and lead. So from the beginning, I have leaned on the scripture 2 Tim. 1:7 “For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self control.”

Quoted F3 Mission Statement- To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Key word is invigoration. It means to give strength or energy to. Synonyms are: Energize, motivate, encourage. That starts small, man to man. In the gloom. We encourage and motivate each other.

To serve the F3 purpose, to serve the PAX, I lean on the concept from 2 Tim. 1:7. The spirit of God in me gives me power, love and self control.

Self control to be sure I get enough sleep, that I wake up when that alarm sounds, that I focus on my diet so that I am constantly working to become a better version of myself physically.

Love to push my brothers in the gloom to give their all. To love my F3 brothers enough to put time and effort into planning and preparing to lead them.

Power to physically perform the tasks required at the beat downs. But also to mentally overcome and hang tough when my body wants to quit.

To live out the F3 mission which is to ultimately invigorate male community leadership, it takes power, love and self control.


Blue was dearly missed, especially at every good TWSS opportunity. The wind was a factor in the beginning (see above comment about list being blown away), lots of “I thought it was supposed to be warmer” grumbling was heard.” But once we got moving and got some reps under our belts, all thoughts of chilly wind were tossed aside along with jackets and hoodies etc.

Various mumble chatter lingers in my mind such as:

” I love the sound of men grunting in the morning”

” I ate nothing but broccoli for dinner, you think I’m gonna quit now?!?”

And of course, the classic-

“What number are we on??”


A fireside coffeeteria was enjoyed post beat down by a few 2nd F seeking HIM’s. Most Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s you can find a few of us at the Jack’s on Hixson Pike commiserating about difficult aspects of the beat down or the weather. Friday’s are particular special when uncle blue reads us a story.

Tuff Muff coming up on Feb. 19th, see slack for details.

Various 3rd F opportunities are can be found on slack, find something that you can get plugged into and get out there and serve the community. Leaders serve others. (I learned that from one of Uncle Blue’s stories)

Look for Shake N Bake future Q’s, coming to an AO near you!

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