This Music Sucks – What Day Is It?

QIC:  Cooter

Date: 02/19/2022  02/17/2022

PAX: WuzntMe, 9 Volt, Abercrombie, Clothespin, Pipeline, Deep Dish

AO: The Battery


58 Degrees, Some Clouds, Dry, a Full Moon peeking through and 10+Mph Winds that initially blew the flags down.


Short Mosey to Circle Around Flags:
Fwd Fold
WMH x10 IC
SSH x25 IC
Fwd Fold (In Cadence This Time)
Seal Clap x10 IC
Michael Phelps oyo

The Thang

(My First) DORA (Q):

Mosey to Top of Hill – Batter Up / Nelly 5:30min

Partner Up for Dora

Mode of Transport:
Bernie Out 40yd / Bear Crawl In 40yd
While Partner Does AMRAP of….

Exercises :
(song length = exercise time; go slow, go fast, go form, recover, etc. – UvsU)
Block Curls – Stripper / T-Pain 4:00min
Block Triceps – Low / FloRida T-Pain 4:00min
LBC – Break ya Neck / Busta Rhymes 4:00min
BBSU – Still DRE / DRE Snoop 4:30min
Imperial Squats – Without Me / Eminem 4:50min
——————— Gathered up and sprinkled in a couple of 10-counts here.
Block Squats – First of Tha Month / Bone 5:15min
Dips – Business / Eminem 4:10
Derkins – Country Grammar / Nelly 4:30
———— Decline Merkins; halfway thru song = rifle carry blocks to pile.
YHC called 5 – FIVE! Burpees for time.


Did a lookup the night before for 2/19 significance, and got 2:
SpongeBob Squarepants Friends Day
Iwo Jima Day – this is the one I discussed. Since “war” is back in the news, this caught my attention. Also, on Tuesday Choo Choo talked about a book in which a UK war-dodger received a white feather from a lady he was after – she ultimately thought he was a coward. So my message was pretty simple in that, regardless of what we think of the wars and reasons our governments send our people, these soldiers and their families make a sacrifice to protect our freedoms – that is noble and honorable. Some make the ultimate sacrifice, and many did in 1945while overtaking that important logistical island that was Iwo Jima. Remember these people, the Veterans that are still with us, and the Soldiers still protecting – regardless of the thoughts on a particular conflict.

Spoiler: it wasn’t 2/19

Took knee and prayed.


We started with 5 PAX, and uncharacteristically one arrived during CoP, then another arrived at the top of the hill – began Thang with 7 PAX. This tardiness was/is not normal, and subsequently given little attention as both latecomers got straight to work. They are staples in F3 Chattanooga, and welcomed/beat/pushed as such.

YHC failed at changing his musical style for the beatdown (my normal metal isn’t always loved, either). I had the playlist pretty well locked in the day before the Sup@rB0wl – and 3 of the artists that performed at halftime were on there. It was stuff I had from the 90s/00s and I felt good about it. BUT, it became abundantly clear throughout the workout that PAX agreed the music sucked; even YHC began to question why I listen(ed) to it… ever… oh, the judgement!! p.s. the M even questioned my selections while writing them on the board the night before.

Despite the bad hip hop, PAX really pushed today. Looking around it seemed like they were gassed – I was gassed. Maybe we felt like it was almost Spring, and ready to get after it hard. We did and this made me happy.

One tweak this beatdown might get – unknown – b/c the bearcrawls did wear on us… is the timer MoT. Stuck with Bernie out, but “back in” we mixed it up with skips, bunny hops, broad jumps and bearcrawls… whichever method, it was WORK!

Thought we might have to put the resident groundhog to work looking for his own keys in the shovel/flag hole – don’t ask – but they were still shallow in the hole. Really did have to look for Tinder’s keys at Hack on Monday. Enough with the keys already! Phew…

A few of us did coffeteria, and a few of us did lunch later.

Alas, it was 2/17 and not 2/19.

The End.


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4th F Weekend

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