There IS a Core Down There

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 02/21/22

PAX: Full Moon, Ramrod (Respect), Tinder, Toe Tag

AO: Hacksaw


It was a real beaut of a morning. About 40 and light wind.


Mosey to the Veteran’s Park, followed by a lap around the outside of the park.

Forward Fold
Willie Mays Hayes
Lil’ Baby Arm Circles
Big Arm Circles

Enough of that

The Thang

5 Stations:
Flutter Kicks
Deadlift (60 lb. Sandbag)
Ab Roller (of Death)
Slam Ball American Hammers
Slam Ball Burpee Toss – Control

Each PAX at a station, completed exercise until the control station completed a circuit of throwing the slam ball approximately 25 yards (burpee before each toss) and back. Then PAX rotate.

After each complete rotation PAX completed an indigenous people’s run around the park (400m)


There was a COT. If you were there you heard it.


There was a large amount of dislike of that ab roller.

YHC was filling in for a HIM that had to deal with some family issues, offered to two other PAX to take the Q, as both hemmed and hawed, YHC finally had to take the reigns. Those two PAX still moaned about it.

Toe Tag blames the ab roller (of death) for his probable hernia. YHC takes referral fees doc.


3rd F things, 1st F things…. we may need to plan some more 2nd F things.

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