Modification for Leg Day

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 02/25/2022

PAX: 8 Seconds, Blindside, Dundee, Recycle, Roomba 

AO: Detention 


61 degrees. Misty.


SSH x25 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Static Stretching
Willie Mays Hayes x15 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the bottom of Mt. Crushmore.
7 of Diamonds (modified)
Bottom of Hill — 7 Burpees w/3 Merkins & 3 Plank Jacks
Run up Mt. Crushmore
Top of Hill — 14 Lunges Hard Count
Bear Crawl Across Top of Hill
Top of Hill — 21 Squats
Run down Mt. Crushmore
Bottom of Hill — 28 Monkey Humpers
Bear Crawl to Start of Routine
Rinse and Repeat Routine doubling rep count at each stop.

20 Rows under pavilion
Run to football field
2 Leg Raises
During travel: stop and complete 20 Imperial Walkers on the way, and 20 SSHs on the return
Majority of Pax completed 9 rounds, and we returned to the start.


In planning a workout, I look at the HC list at late as the morning of, and when I do so, I make every attempt to make necessary changes to develop a workout to push the most “in shape” guy. This will probably, at some point, push me back to the Six. That’s ok. My job is not always to lead from the front. My job is to make sure every man that makes the commitment to come to my Q gets his “money’s worth”. Maybe my thinking here is wrong, but it will not change. Each man deserves the opportunity to work as hard as possible at an F3 workout.

The Jester is loud, obnoxious, entertaining, funny, boisterous…these words describe something that is easy to identify.
Blindspots are hidden, unrecognizable, difficult to identity, disguised…these words describe something that is not easily identified.
Guardrails are designed to protect, strengthen ones ability toward advancement.
Make sure when Guardrails are built they focus on those Blindspots even more than that Jester. Those hidden areas that only a ShieldLock can identify. Make sure those have Guardrails.


“This is what you call modifying down for legs?” — Dundee
“Hey, I said audible…not modification.” — Mr. Clean
“I have exactly 2 days to get ripped.” — Dundee (again)
“This sucks” — Possibly all of us at one point


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