No Crying or Bear Crawls in Baseball

QIC:  Mr. Clean

Date: 03/28/2022

PAX: 8 Seconds, Blue, Napoleon, O.B., Ponce, Roomba, She Shed, Sherlock Snatch

AO: Detention


Clear. Crisp. Cool. A nice Spring morning.


SSH x18 IC
Forward Fold OYO
Third Grade Exercises x12 IC
Imperial Walkers x12 IC
Shoulder Blaster Exercises x12 IC
SSH x15 IC

The Thang

Mosey to the ball fields. Head to home plate on Field 5 for activities to commence.
7 of Diamonds
7 Burpees at each base w/Bear Crawl as travel method
14 Squats at each base w/Side Shuffle as travel method
21 Merkins at each base w/Bear Crawl as travel method
28 Monkey Humpers at each base w/mosey as travel method

We began working our way back down the diamond, but on this trip, we changed it up a bit.
Running Poles
28 Monkey Humpers mosey to Right Field Pole
Complete 28 Monkey Humpers jail break to Left Field Pole
Complete 28 Monkey Humpers mosey to Home Plate
Complete 28 Monkey Humpers
Rinse and repeat the above routine replacing Monkey Humpers with 21 Merkins
After the Merkin round, we were running short on time so we moseyed to the bottom of Mt. Crushmore…
14 Squats at the bottom. Sprint to the Top.
14 Squats at the top. Mosey to the bottom.
14 Squats at the bottom. Sprint to the top.
14 Squats at the top. Mosey back to flag.


Everyone knows the whole “Catch a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish” quote. It’s pretty famous.
Here is another take I proposed this morning. Every man can certainly learn to fish, and every man should be taught to fish. However, let us remember that not ever man understands/comprehends instructions in which they are given the first time. Let us remember this as we try to teach others to fish. Hopefully, we will remember that we once had trouble learning how to fish, and with this wisdom, we remember to be patient as teach others.
Most importantly, for those avid fishermen out there, remember that some men need an invitation to the proverbial boat. Do your best to seek out those men to help them learn to fish. Won’t they need to pass it along in the future.
Yes, there were a lot of metaphors in the COT, but I believed the men firmly understood them and will go forth and use them in their lives.


“What is our mode of travel for this one?” — Blue
“Shut up Blue and just run before he gets other ideas.” — Unknown
“Blue, was that you?” “Yes, I’m ok Snatch.” “I didn’t ask if you were ok Blue, I was just wondering if that was you, but are you ok Blue.” Snatch & Blue upon reaching 2nd Base
“We are going to print off the pdf. for you so you know there are other exercises that aren’t so hard.” — She Shed
“You know we only have like 5 minutes, right?” — Lyft (at the bottom of Mt. Crushmore)
“Hey Clean, thanks for ruining baseball for me!” — Ponce


4/23/2022 — Poker Run
07/16/2022 — Fallen Five Event (details forthcoming)
Chubby’s Ministry