Holy Week Beatdown….Suffer Now to Celebrate Later

QIC:   Blackout

Date: 04/14/2022

PAX: AOL, Limu, Mayhem, M.I.A., Stork, Uncle Joe

AO: Legacy


Perfect temperature for a beatdown; and the rain held off until around 6:25 am.


Mosey to Park with blocks. Two cones set up 20-25 yards apart.

FF oyo
SSH x25 IC
WMH x10 IC
Arm Circles x10 IC
Reverse Arm Circles x10 IC

The Thang

PAX proceeded to perform a “Holy Week” beatdown.

PART ONE – PALM SUNDAY (exercises on palms)

100 Shoulder Taps
Bear Crawl to second set of cones
75 Mountain Climbers
Bear Crawl back to original cones
50 Merkins
Bear Crawl to second set of cones
25 Burpees
Bear Crawl back to original cones


PAX paired off into groups of 3 (4 for one group); One PAX (#1) started at first set of cones while one PAX (#2) started at second set of cones. PAX #1 performed Curls; PAX #2 performed Shoulder Presses while PAX #3 performed murder bunnies 20-25 yards to second set of cones; PAX #1 then replace PAX #3 doing murder bunnies back to original cones; Repeated this process until each PAX did murder bunnies twice

During the murder bunnies, after each second hop, PAX “flipped” block to the other side

PART THREE – JESUS WASHES FEET (exercises with feet)

50 BBSU at first set of cones with a partner; One partner held feet while other partner did BBSU; switch until both partners did 50 BBSU
Jailbreak sprint to second set of cones
50 (hard count) heel touches
Jailbreak sprint back to original cones

PART FOUR – LAST SUPPER AND BETRAYAL (Judas dipped into the cup so we dipped)

100 Dips – block
Crab walk to second set of cones
15 Plank Dips – each side
Crab walk back to original set of cones


Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us; so PAX were challenged to grab a partner and do 50 Blockees cumulatively; Push as hard as you can to complete as many Blockees as possible for your fellow F3 brother.


Among those that discovered the rock rolled away was Mary Magdalene, so we performed 4MOM

MIA: Flutter Kicks x25 IC
Mayhem: Oblique Raises (Forgot F3 name lol) x15 IC
Stork: Mercy Seat to time (~1 minute)


Spoke about how struggles and suffering lead to resurrections. In short form, I challenged the PAX to reflect over the next two days before the Easter celebration on just how much suffering was involved for us to be saved by Jesus Christ. We suffer many times in our life, but never to the level of Jesus. The ultimate point was that Holy Week can serve as a good reminder that when our life is not going as it should or when we are in a Valley in life or in a painful situation where it seems we will never be able to get out, there is still Resurrection. Jesus walks with us through all seasons of life and has given us the ability to see that he is with is even in the midst of turmoil. Let us turn to reflection and remember the suffering so that we the Sunday celebration is not taken for granted!


Performed Mary at the end of beatdown; PAX were really glad someone named “Sally” did not find the empty tomb. I dove into History just to be sure….I am fairly confident there was no Sally but I did try….

Opened up with how we should suffer and remember the suffering of Jesus so that we can truly be touched during the celebrations. Stork reminder me that Jesus did all of this to take away our suffering….For a brief moment, I thought about making the beatdown easier given this fact, but I didn’t

PAX were wondering when we got to the part of the story where the disciples fell asleep….Q told them 6:16 am.


3rd-F opportunities: Chubby’s and Habitat; Second F Channel or reach out to Mayhem

CSAUP convergence at The Battery on 04.23 at 0700; 5 beatdowns with running in between; poker themed with a chance to win a custom 9-Volt block

2.0 Day at Hacksaw 04.15; Wuzonka Ball also 04.15…..seems like a scheduling conflict to me…

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