Kraken Yoga

QIC:  M.I.A.

Date: 05/21/2022

PAX: AOL, Juice Box, Life Alert, Limu, Shake N Bake

AO: Legacy


Gloomy Perfection


  • 2 x Kraken Burpees
  • Mosey with blocks to the field at the park

The Thang

EMOM 2 x Kraken Burpees

Ladder after each rung run 30 yards to cones then return to start next rung

10 x Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

20 x Grave Diggers (easy count)

30 x Big Boys

40 x CPRs

50 x Ballerina Squats

60 x LBCs

70 x OH Presses

80 x SSH

90 x It doesnt matter nobody made it this far

100 x Curls


Talked about perseverance and the importance of doing hard things intentionally.


Thanks to AOL (actually Mothballs) for the use of his “speaker”. YHC has spent less money on multiple cars than that party box must have cost.

Everything after one minute was under duress from Life Alert.

Shake N Bake refused to talk to YHC.


2nd-F Channel
3rd-F Channel
Memorial Day Burph at The Dam
July events coming up (Fallen Five, Lookouts, Re-launch of Anvil Pound Town)

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