A Flair for Bricks Part 5

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 4/25/2023

PAX: Roundup, WreckedEm, Shamu, Shocker, Face Plant, Tatonka, Chiclet, Duvet, NoDoze, John Doe

AO: Parliament


I wish I were in Tijuana, eating barbequed iguana

Begin with a Mosey around the tennis courts —– The count, sensored (you Tube)
Everyone grab two bricks and circle up around the sound—– Commodores “Brick House” playing in the background

SSHWith Bricks10
Cobble Stones(3rd grade exercise- With Bricks10
Brick ShittersWillie Maze Haze – With Bricks10
Little Baby Brick CirclesDuh
Brick ClapsSeal Claps – With Bricks10
SSHWith Bricks10
The number 5 is not allowed at the Battery. (4 Groundhog penalty)

The Thang

Cage Match – Break into teams of 2.
One PAX runs around the wrestling ring while the other does battle (exercise)
The one in the ring can tag out when ever his partner comes by.
When tagging out the PAX must yell Whooooo! or 4 Groundhog penalty

Smurf JacksWith bricks
Hand Release MercNo bricks required
Brick Side RaiseStanding, arms at sides, raise bricks over head
Monkey Humpers
Brick Tricep extensionTricep extension – With bricks
100’s of bricks Like a 100’s only with bricks
Brick HammersAmerican hammers – With Bricks
Masonry Sit UpsBig boy sit ups – With bricks
Crab jacks
Brick Front RaiseStanding, hands @ waste, raise bricks to 90 deg in front
Lounge Act25 each side
Pickle Pointers20 OYO
Freddie Mercury10
Groundhogs5 OYO

This morning’s play list was brought to you by the number 5

Life often doesn’t come with a rule book. You have to figure it out on your own and it helps to have a sense of humor.

Mole Skin

The bricks were sanitized for your protection


Poker Ruck at the Battery on Saturday

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