Tommy Boy

QIC: 9-Volt

Date: 5/23/23

PAX: Cooter, Mayhem, Cheney, Wuzntme, Lonely Island, # Phase, Pipeline, FAmily Tree, Abercrobie, Tape Deck, Wet Dream, Cock-6, Duvet

AO: Battery




Mosey to the Skate Park
PAX will perform exercise at one end of the skate park then run to the other
rinse and repeat. ( During BAC and claps PAX will keep arms raise while running)

BAC Fwd15BAC Rev15
Seal Clap15Ovehead Clap15

The Thang – Fat Guy In A Little Coat Shirt

PAX continues moving from the “Fat Guy” side to the “Little Shirt” side of the park between exercises using the following modes of transportation; Bear Crawl, Lunge, Crab Walk, Bernie, Crawl Bear, Run
After each exercise the Q will ask a trivia question. If the PAX answers correctly they get a 10 count.
If the Q beats the entire PAX to the other side, everyone is awarded a 3 groundhog penalty

Hand release Merc15Sit Ups20
Jump Squats15Mt Climber20
Donkey Kicks10100’s20
Monkey Humpers20Calf Raise40
Burpees20Flutter Kick25
Crab Jacks20Standing Leg Lift20 Ea
Little baby crunch15Hello Dolly25
Dips20Capt Thor10
Wide arm merkins20Imp Walkers20
The Q is allowed to cheat on the race

The sexy beat this morning was brough to you by Tom Jones

Tommy Boy Trivia
What was the working title of the movie  “Tommy Boy”“Rocky Road”
True/False, Tom Jones sang a duet with Dolly Parton on the Porter Wagner showFALSE
True/False, Rotten Tomatos gave “Tommy boy” 42%TRUE
True/False, Gene Simmons wrote part of the soundtrack for Tommy BoyTrue, “I Love it Loud”
True/False, David Spade is CanadianFALSE
What year was “Tommy Boy” Released?1995
True/False, Chris Farley was in rehab with Ozzy OzbornFalse,  Ozzy would never go to rehab
True/False, Tom Jones performed the theme for the James Bond movie “Thunderball”TRUE
True/False, Bo Derek was nominated for a golden globe award for best supporting actress for her role in Tommy BoyFALSE,  She got a razzie for worst supporting actress
True/False,  David Spade also received a Razzie award for worst supporting ActressTrue,  The movie Jack and Jill
True/False, Tom Jones was originally cast as Mr. Roark  in the Pilot for the  TV show fantasy Island FALSE, He was in one episode
Who is Ray Zalinsky played by?Dan Akroyd
What is Tom Jones’ last nameWoodward
Name any of the animals David Spade has done voice acting for?Lama, Red Panda, White Gorilla, Dragon Fly
True/False, “Tommy Boy” is on Roger Ebert’s most hated listTRUE
True/False,  Chris Farley was a child actor staring in a Mr. Bubbles commercialFALSE
Tom Jones starred in a TV film called Pleasure Cove along with David HasselhoffTRUE
True/False, David Spade was married to Heather LocklearFalse,  He Dated her but she sobered up
True/False, Tom Jones was knighted by Queen Victoria?FALSE, Queen Elizabeth
True/False, Chris Farley appeared in a Red Hot Chilly Peppers music videoTrue, Soul to Squeeze
True/False,  Chris Farley was conceived at the Woodstock Music FestivalFALSE
True/False, Tom Jones appeared in both the Simpsons and The fresh prince of bel-airTRUE, as himself
Where did Chris Farley live?In a van down by the river
True/False,  Ronald Reagan invited Tom Jones to the White HouseFalse, Bill Clinton did
Ture/False,  David Spade was attached in his home by his assistant, Skippy MalloyTrue, he was tazed but escaped and hid in his bathroom
True/False, Tom Jones has 26 children by 11 womenFalse, Who’s counting


Today’s wisdom is contained in the trivia questions


  • I think we already have a guy names Heisenberg but I’m not certain


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